Kimono Refashioned at the Asian Art Museum

Japanese-inspired fashion and designs

When visiting Kimono Refashioned at the Asian Art Museum, you might expect to see a collection full of kimonos. What I found, however, was more than the traditional interpretation of this Japanese garment. What you can expect at this new exhibition is to discover the ways the kimono has had an impact on global fashion ranging from the Victorian era to the digital age. Walking through this exhibition, I experienced how the kimono (meaning “a thing to wear”) has influenced just about everything in fashion from textures to styles to fabric cuts in clothing. What exactly does that mean? Follow me as I recount my journey on the ways the kimono can impact all kinds of fashion from historical to pop to haute couture.

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Things to See in Guerneville and Santa Rosa

Forest floor in Armstrong Redwood State Natural Reserve

I had one goal for Thanksgiving: Get out and explore. Having spent a great deal of time in the Bay Area, I decided I was ready to see what lies beyond Berkeley. As it turns out, my family had the same idea. After sending some final work emails and putting my planner away in a drawer, I was ready to bid Berkeley a temporary farewell and head north. While the first few days of our adventure was met with rainy weather, it didn’t deter our desire to leave our cottage in the mountains of Guerneville, California and see what the town and the nearby Santa Rosa had to offer. As we found there was plenty to see and do no matter our destination.

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Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the De Young

Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the De Young Museum

When hearing the word “Muslim” in today’s world, stereotypes and¬†preconceived ideas may come to people’s minds. Misunderstandings and fears can feed into perceptions of what it means to be a Muslim. Hearing the words “Contemporary Muslim Fashions,” however, might lead to other reactions. It did for me. When I first learned of¬†Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, I was curious and knew this was an exhibition I did not want to miss. In recent years, Muslim fashion has found a place in the spotlight, especially after designer Ayana Ife was a finalist on Project Runway. Featuring her work has shown not only me but also numerous others that modesty can be elegant, sophisticated, and innovative. After visiting this exhibition at the De Young, I found my interest and understanding taken to another level of respect and appreciation.

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Three Things to See at UC Berkeley

Living in Berkeley for the past two months, I see the area doesn’t have a shortage of things to experience. Already, I’ve been to the Berkeley Rose Gardens, Tilden Regional Park, and I’m already making plans to expand my travel net to San Francisco, San Jose, and beyond. It seems there is always something to explore and celebrate, and being so close to UC Berkeley, I’m also seeing there is always something to escape to. Whenever I need to get out of my apartment or find somewhere to walk, I always know I can wander over to the UC Berkeley campus and I’ll find somewhere to satisfy my desire to explore. Although a university campus may not seem a place to travel to, I’ve always discovered them to be inspirational and thought-provoking places. While there are many places to eat and experience in Berkeley and beautiful groves of trees and architecture to soak up on the UC Berkeley campus, I found three places in particular that piqued my interest.

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Art, History, and Science in the Oakland Museum of California

Historical posters at the Oakland Museum of California

It’s very common to hear that one of the best ways to experience a place is through a local’s eyes. Exploring Seattle with locals certainly had its benefits, so I completely understand this line of thinking, which is why I was eager to wander around the Bay Area with locals. Having family and friends in the area certainly helps but during my latest visit to Oakland, there was an even better companion: a museum. At the Oakland Museum of California, my wanders through various exhibits give me a thorough look at California through the state’s environment, history, and art. Through these lenses, I see just how vast, diverse, and full this coastal state is.

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