What to Pack to Avoid Plastic Waste

Packing is probably the least fun for most people. Whether you’re packing for work the night before or packing for a long trip, packing can be a hassle. There are lots of suggestions out there on how to pack, but as I’ve found no one has a tried and true way that always works for them. While I’m no expert packer, I am always thinking of what to pack to reduce the amount of plastic I use and waste. Wherever I happen to be traveling, I’m constantly thinking of what to include on my packing list so I don’t rely on plastic. Since plastic is easy and convenient, it can be easy to rely on, but if you can, consider a few of my packing suggestions to add to your list and make your travels a little more convenient.

1) Refillable Water Bottle: This may be a no-brainer for some or a No-No to some places you may be traveling, but if you can, make sure you take it along with you. Although you cannot drink the water traveling in some developing countries if you are in a country where you can drink the water, make sure to pack one of these with you so you don’t have to continue purchasing and using plastic water bottles.

2) Refillable Toiletry Containers: While this may seem like an obvious choice, it’s not always thought of when you’re shopping at Target and find travel size items for convenience. Instead of buying small containers you’ll throw out, commit to using refillable containers for your toiletries. Once you get started, continuing to use them won’t be as problematic.

3) Collapsible Food Containers: After learning about Prepworks’ Collapsible Storage Bowls from other travel bloggers a few years ago, I decided to purchase some and have not regretted them. I mostly use them for work, and they are very convenient. I look forward to using them when I travel and need something to take my extra food home from dinner.

4) Reusable Bags: This includes both foldable grocery bags and cloth snack bags from Lunchskin you can use in place of Ziploc bags. I have found I can clean both without any hassle and they are convenient to use over and over again. The best part is they take up hardly any space.

5) Reusable Silverware: Living at home, it makes it easy to pack silverware, but this isn’t the case on the road. My next endeavor will be to invest in some reusable bamboo cutlery and give it a try. When I use plastic cutlery, I’m beginning to wash and reuse these items, but it does make me rethink my choices after reading this post from the L Magazine about The Life of a Plastic Fork.

Although this is a small list, I’ve found it’s a great set of items to incorporate into my travels because they are small, affordable, and can be found without too much trouble. If you’re looking for more suggestions, Hippie in Heels has an even more extensive list of swimming suits, sunscreen, and travel bags that are better for travel and the environment.

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay

What items do you pack to reduce plastic waste while traveling?

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