What I Would Wear to the Oscars

For as long as I can remember, it’s been a family tradition to watch the Academy Awards.  Before the iconic movie awards show, my dad does everything to be certain he sees as many of, if not all of, the nominated movies.  Any top-rated films my mom and dad make sure to see and sometimes make the occasional drive out-of-town to see independent and foreign movies.  And, if a movie they enjoy doesn’t make it into the nominations, my parents add it in their opinionated suggestions, telling the TV they’re missing an important underrated performance.  Their passion for movies is what has driven my own interest in film and performing arts, and my mom still remarks when Best Screenplay or Best Costume Designer is announced, “That could be you!”  I have to admit that her comment makes me wonder what I would wear if I was invited, although I’m far from any sort of celebrity or renowned filmmaker status.  Still, a girl can dream and to celebrate this year’s upcoming Oscars, here are a few designers I would chose to attend this award ceremony:

Sohad Acouri

Green Dress-Sohad Acouri

Image Credit: Sohad Acouri Website

I first came across Sohad Acouri’s designs at Eluxe Magazine and immediately fell in love!  His “Voyage D’une Star” has mystique and sophistication with beautiful deep reds and elegant fabrics.  Also known for his utilization of eco-friendly fabrics including velvet, organic silk and organic cotton, Acouri’s designs never cease to excite and inspire me.  And, I can’t deny that I love his ability to innovatively reuse remaining fabric from previous designs in current designs.

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Ezra Santos

Pink Ball Gown 2-Ezra Santos

Image Credit: Ezra Santos Facebook

Pink Ball Gown-Ezra Santos

Image Credit: Ezra Santos Facebook

Another discovery from Eluxe Magazine, Ezra Santos’ collection at Dubai’s Fashion Forward 2015 embodies everything luxury and fantasy.  I felt as though I was looking at a sophisticated and elegant fairy tale and wanted nearly every single piece from the runway.  Also just as fascinating is Santos’ fabrics made from Philippine pineapple fibers mixed with silk and Inabel, an organic fabric from the Philippines.  Such beautiful ball gowns combined with eco-friendly fabrics is what keeps my attention hooked on this designer.


Emerald Necklace 2-Gemfields

Image Credit: Gemfields Website, Mario Sorrenti

Emerald Necklace-Gemfields

Image Credit: Gemfields Website, Boo George

After learning about Mila Kunis’ campaign for Gemfields, I was thrilled to find a company that mines with respect to the environment and its people.  My admiration for this company grew after I learned more about their commitments to human rights, labor responsibilities and the natural world gemstones come from.  Looking through campaigns, I fell in love with nearly every piece, whether it’s a simple pendant or a decorative and ornate collar.  It’s always wonderful to see a company that values its miners and jewelers just as much as its designers and celebrity endorsements.

Beyond Skin

Black Heels-Beyond Skin

Image Credit: Beyond Skin Website

Cream Heels-Beyond Skin

Image Credit: Beyond Skin Website

One of my favorite shoe companies has become Beyond Skin, a vegan and vegetarian online shoe company.  Although I’ve always loved their vintage and retro styles, their shiny and formal styles would be the perfect fit for an Oscar gown.  Cruelty-free and luxury design, what more could a girl ask for in a shoe to wear at the red carpet?

This Sunday night I may not be walking on the red carpet, but inspiration from these clothing and accessory designers is what fuels my imagination for the future.  Finding designers who value the environment and the people who make their clothing is fantastic, and it’s just as great to find ones whom you admire and inspire you.  An Oscar may be a faraway dream, but at least I have a wardrobe in mind, just in case!

What luxury or couture designer would you wear to the Academy Awards?  What designers inspire your style?

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  1. kim

    Lovely choices!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks Kim! I hope more people chose sustainability in their future red carpet choices.

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