To Market, To Market

32nd Avenue in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, Colorado is always known for its unique clothing stores, coffee shops, local restaurants, and used bookstores, but a latest discovery I’ve made is the Farmers Market on Sunday morning until 1 pm.  Stalls of tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, and food trucks are out, lining about two blocks of 32nd Avenue starting at Lowell Boulevard.  My friend, Caitlin, and I decide this is the perfect meeting point, since it’s about halfway between our residences.  Caitlin has her brown woven shopping tote, ready for a purchase while I am armed with my small purple backpack, wallet, and camera, hoping to capture something unique for cooking or consuming.

Shopping BagThe Colorado Palisade Peaches are present among a couple of stalls, some in preserves form, others present in wooden sales bins.  Both Caitlin and I are excited to find a stall full of eggplants, green beans, squash, and other vegetables offering $10 for a shopping bag full of any variety.  We each fill a bag of carrots, green beans, kale, and any other interesting partner in a side dish, looking forward to the fact that we may not need to go to the grocery store this week.

StyriaOur real find, however, is Styria Bakery, whose Lemon Mint White Chocolate bread leaves us speechless as we taste its sweet rich flavors.  The mint is misleading, however, since it’s only an accent that helps add to the delightful white chocolate and lemon flavors.  Caitlin, luckily, buys the last available loaf and a loaf of the Jewish Rye for lunch sandwiches.  Being a Cinnamon Roll lover, I can’t past up the Sticky Bun and enjoy every last bite.  Feeling satisfied, we take our purchases to Highland Cork and Coffee for a quick caffeine pick-me-up.  I can’t wait for an Almond Milk Bhakti Chai Latte with a shot of espresso, my new favorite drink, perfect after a round of grocery shopping along 32nd Avenue.Highlands Cork and Coffee

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