The Similarities Between Social Media and Travel

Since exchanging my sewing kit for an iPad and a digital camera, it seems my life is constantly embedded in the digital world at my new job and my blogging.  Whether I’m scheduling Facebook posts for the week, arranging Instagram ideas or sifting through Tweets, I still find a connection to travel even if I’m not traveling frequently.  With my recent return to the arts in digital marketing, you would think my travels have come to an end.  However, I’m finding that with social media, I’m traveling in a whole new way.  What is the connection between the two?  Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Moto Taxi in Peru

In both social media and travel, you’re constantly reinventing what you’re doing.  While there may be certain social media strategies that have worked in the past, you have to refresh your outlook and change how you do things.  Posts with videos and photos are always important to incorporate in your social media schedule, but I’m constantly finding new ideas for content and approaches to reach out to audiences.  When I travel, I find I’m in similar circumstances.  I may research and plan an itinerary, but I find it’s better for me to go in without expectations and be flexible with my schedule.  Every place you travel to has different surroundings and customs.  How you approach a person or situation in one country will be not be the same in another, so you constantly have to refresh your outlook traveling from one place to another.  No matter how much you plan ahead in your travels, it’s better to go in with an open mind to change things as needed.

Speaking of planning, when it comes to social media and travel, it seems that sometimes things don’t go as you planned.  You can’t always predict how people will respond to a Facebook ad or if your flight will take off without any turbulence along the way.  That’s why, if things don’t go as you thought they would, take a step back, make changes as you can and learn for the next time.  In some cases, you might just have to hold on and let the turbulent times pass.

Cog Rail at Pike's Peak

Both social media and travel have an element of storytelling about them.  Whether I’m taking photos to tell stories later to family and friends or if I’m cleverly crafting a Tweet to briefly share the story of a company’s latest event, travel and social media both work at developing an audience.  Even when I’m traveling by myself, I may be the only audience member, but as the story of ancient architecture, beautiful scenery or indigenous people unfolds, I’m held captivated by the possibilities.

No matter how well you tell your story, sometimes it gets lost in translation.  I find that on social media, there have been times where people have misinterpreted my photo choices or disagree with my point of view, and that’s why I’m frequently looking at responses to learn from.  Travel is the same way as I struggle to learn local languages or communicate my ideas clearly and accurately to find something.  I do my best to work things out with people, but other times, we’re going to disagree no matter what.  That’s why it’s important to know which battles to fight.  Some are worth trying to explain, others are better left alone, especially on Facebook.

Treats at a Chinese Market

As you can see, travel and social media are connected in many different ways you might not have expected.  While my career develops and I dive into more travels, I’m sure my perceptions will change and I’ll find even more connections between the two.  And that’s the important thing to realize about travel and social media: they will always be changing.  How we travel, see the world, communicate online and interact with one another in the digital world will always be evolving, that’s why I’m staying tuned to see what happens next.

What similarities do you find between social media marketing and travel? 


  1. Daniel

    This post is funny! Thanks for sharing!

    Daniel x
    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez
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  2. Pinay Flying High

    This is a really great comparison and I have to agree with you specially with things not going as planned. I can’t really figure out which post on my social media will be a hit and which ones are not. Lol.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I sometimes struggle with the same thing too and I’m constantly reinventing some of my steps, which is why I enjoy the challenge of social media. I’m glad there are others who understand how I feel!

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