The Events that Inspired Me to Change

If you’re an ethical fashionista like me, you’re ready for April because of one specific reason. It’s not because you’re anticipating spring weather. It’s not because you’re one month closer to summer (although it is one month closer to May the Fourth). It’s because April is the month of Fashion Revolution Day. It’s not a day of celebration, but it is a day to advocate for changes in the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution Day is a day to give a voice to the garment workers who lost their lives in the Rana Plaza complex on April 24, 2013. Although I’ve been blogging about sustainability both in the fashion and travel industry for a while, I have only stumbled upon these movements recently. What took so long for me to catch onto something others have known about for years?

It wasn’t until I decided to embark on a career change and intern in nationally and internationally that I saw an industry that combined all of my values. I began to see that the fashion purchases I make and how I travel impact more than I realized. I’ve brought this up in many blog posts regarding my adventures in Peru and then again in Chicago. From specific events in my life, I’ve begun to think more carefully about what I consume and waste, how often I’ll use what I buy, and how I travel. Now that you’ve heard my stories, I want to hear yours! Share your stories of events that changed your course in life.

Did a certain travel experience make you think and behave differently when you returned home? How has travel shaped your choices and what you pursue in life?


  1. Agness of eTramping

    I think that my travels constantly change me in a way I couldn’t believe it’s possible happening, Brooke!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      I agree. Travel has changed me more than anything I’ve experienced! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

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