The 30 x 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Finale

It’s strange to think that not only am I ending the 30 x 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and no longer eagerly asking my mom everyday to take my picture for Instagram, but I’m also getting ready to embark on a new career opportunity and a new city to temporarily live in. In the past it’s always been a given I return from a summer job in another state to Denver, Colorado for nine months, and for the first time in several years I’m not doing that. For the first time in a long time, I’m taking my blog to a new temporary residence in the Midwest city of Chicago. Finishing up the last of my outfits for the 30 x 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, I find this challenge has taught me more than how to style outfits. It’s taught me a few things about life as I begin this next chapter in Chicago:

Piano and Table

  • Some things you can’t plan ahead, some things are spontaneous experiences you just have to jump into and figure out. When it comes to picking out a daily outfit, sometimes I would wonder, “Does this look OK? Does this work?” Sometimes I didn’t have time to arrange an outfit ahead of time. Sometimes I just had to trust my instincts, go with my gut, and go with what felt right. I never thought to pair my red and teal polka dot top with blue pants, but it quickly became one of my favorite combinations after realizing I should just trust myself. The same is true in life. Preparing to head to Chicago, I often wondered, “Am I making the best choice? Should I start planning out what I want to see?” I’ve learned rather than questioning and planning every step, it’s sometimes better to let go and see if something comes along you didn’t expect.
  • It’s better to be who you are than try to copy someone else’s style. Looking through various fashion blog posts throughout the week, I admired the unique style and outfits and wondered how I could incorporate other bloggers’ ideas into my daily outfits. The numerous professional photos that were carefully crafted gave me inspiration, so did that mean I should copy what they had? When you’re making decisions about anything in life, just remember, what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. What one person considers beautiful or ugly or the right path in life to take is different everywhere you go. There may be accepted standards of what looks like a good photo, but I decided, why not take a few that bring out my personality and character? Hence the photos of me climbing in the tree of my grandmother’s front yard and holding up an unfortunate looking bunch of carrots from my family’s garden.
    Swing and Tree
  • In some cases, the rules are meant to be broken. Just because you’ve been told to wear certain things together or a specific way doesn’t mean you can’t twist the rules every once in a while. Breaking the rules and making mistakes are sometimes the best ways to find where you’re supposed to be going in life and what you want out of it. Always playing it safe sometimes leaves you wondering, “What if?” If you don’t agree with me, check out Fashionopolis’ “Breaking Plus Size Fashion Rules” and Stitch Fix’s “5 Fashion Rules to Break.”
  • Having less actually gets you out of a rut. We often think that when we’re stuck we just need to go shopping to solve the problem. Shopping will take care of that top we can’t find the right accessory for or the perfect handbag to match. Sure, if it’s something you’ll use over and over again and wear for many outfits, the purchase makes sense. However, acquiring more may just leave you frustrated as you wonder, “Where else can I wear this necklace? I don’t have anything in my closet to pair it with.” Having more in life isn’t always the answer. Sometimes having less to work with can give you more results and inspiration than you thought. Keeping things simple continually helps, so why accumulate more when you don’t need it? I’ll definitely be utilizing this realization as I pack less to fit in my suitcase on my journey to Chicago.Navy Jewel Top and Corn

Now that the challenge has ended, does this mean I’m done taking on other challenges? Not necessarily. Moving around a lot and figuring out my next destination means I’ll be limiting what I have (unless I plan to move it all with me, which no one ever likes). The 30 x 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge has shown me more than I expected, and I’ll have these reflections on my mind as I prepare for a new adventure!

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  1. Shybiker

    Chicago! How exciting. You’ll like what the city offers. These outfits are amazingly cute and, certainly, your insights are sound. Took me years until I learned them; you’re way ahead of me!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks! It has taken me time to learn these insights and I find I’m learning new ideas all the time when it comes to fashion! I also just arrived in Chicago and start my internship Monday! I’m very excited and can’t wait to explore this city. Many people have told me how much they love it here.

  2. Sara

    I still haven’t done a 30×30 challenge but I really like the idea of having less stuff in general.
    I love Chicago! There is always something fun going on there, and they have so many great museums. Sounds like it will be s great time!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Having less stuff has been great for me. I keep moving, and I’m finding how little I need to take with me! And, Chicago has been great so far. I can’t wait to explore more!

  3. cassidl

    good luck, a new city can be scary but exciting
    Hope to see you at a Labour of Fashion linkup.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks for your words of encouragement and invitation! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. happinessatmidlife

    I always struggle with capsule style challenges since it means I can’t wear the rest of my clothes. Some great take aways from your experience.

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks for your wonderful insights and compliments, Alice! I’m so glad to be a part of the link up and I love reading your posts!

  5. Alex

    I absolutely agree with point number 2. It’s better to develope your own style (even if it takes a bit) and have it reflect 100% of who you are. And yeah, I actually tossed out stuff I had in my closet instead of craving an end of the capsule. So far at least 😉

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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