The 30 List


During my last year of being in my twenties, I hurried to scribble a list of everything I wanted to do before I turned the big 3-0.  It seems that no matter what, decade birthdays are pivotal.  Fifty and sixty are met with “Over the Hill” mugs and black and white balloons, but sixty-three is one year short of the pivotal Beatles’ song and is all but forgotten.  So, in order to make every year of thirty count, I have a list to complete before forty approaches:

(1) Learn and commit to Spanish and French.  Don’t be afraid to use them.

(2) Go to Australia, preferably when the Dodgers are possibly in town for Spring Training.  Take at least one month to go to Melbourne, Sydney, Queensland, and wherever strikes my fancy.

(3) Try new activities.

(4) Keep up on activities I want to do (Surf’s up or Aerial Yoga anyone?)

(5) Take a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway.

(6) Trek on the trails of the Torres del Paine (Chile), Cinque Terre (Italy), The Whale Trail (South Africa), and the Milford Track (New Zealand).

(7) Travel by myself to 5 countries (at least 3 cannot speak English).

(8) Get published.

(9) Finish all the books I own (so I can buy more).  If I don’t meet the beast who turns into a prince and gives me a library, I’ll build my own.

(10) Finish all of my sewing projects (this is sure to be an adventure).

(11) Go to Bali with Caitlin.

(12) Go to Fiji with Reagan.

(13) Visit Croatia with Ming and climb Vlasich mountain in Bosnia.  Take pictures at any signs we can find.

(14) Go to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

(15) Go back Arches National Park and re-visit Zion National Park.  Remember and be thankful Utah has given me something–beauty in the world.

This last set is inspired by the other Innovation Fellows at Run by Rural.  When they ask what’s on my 30 list, after the first few topics, they respond, “You should do stuff like Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving.” Thoughts of remembering throwing caution to the wind in my early twenties entertains me.

(16) Go Bungee jumping.

(17) Think about getting that tattoo I always contemplate.

(18) Eat more ice cream (lactose-free of course).

(19) Do my best to not take myself so seriously.

(20) Don’t be afraid to ask for what I want.

(21) Always be eager to learn, from anyone at any age.

(22) Remember it’s never too late to do what I wanted.

(23) Don’t take shit from anyone.  My decisions, my life, not yours.

(24) Don’t settle for less than what I want and deserve.

(25) Find something to smile about, everyday.

(26) Find a day each week to live like I’m on the beach.

(27) Remember I have much more to offer than I think.

(28) Take care of myself as much as I take care of other people.

(29) Get a puppy.

(30) Dance.  Whether I’m out with friends or in my bedroom in my underwear.

Although Kokopelli usually represents fertility, I am in no rush to run down the aisle or have kids.  The symbol of this deity during my weekend trip to Mancora brings me replenishment and celebration.  A celebration of my future open and ripe with many possibilities.

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