Tea for Two in Boulder, Colorado

Once our afternoon adventure and the hot sun has worn us out, Shanna and I decide to continue the day with an excursion to Boulder.  Our first stop: Celestial Seasonings.  Properly suited with hairnets we follow our tour group through various rooms of spices and herbs.  The strong scent in the Tea Room makes me want to open the containers of Green, White, and Black Tea leaves and brew the perfect cup.  While the Mint Room is notorious for possibly stringing and watering your eyes, Shanna seems to withstand the test unscathed and as the mint clears my senses I feel more of a sensation of relaxation that makes me want to curl up for a nap after discovering that perfect cup of tea in the Tea Room.  Our outing at Sleepytime Drive also brings us to a brief visit to the nearby Leanin’ Tree Museum.  Known as a card and stationary store, the museum features art of various mediums that create artworks featuring southwest themes.  Bronze statues of cowboys, Native Americans, and various mountain animals featuring a horse with multiple machinery parts fill the outside garden.  Upon leaving the museum, I can’t seem to shake the life-like painting of the Grand Canyon out of my head.

Boulder Falls

Not ready for dinner, the next part of our journey is a drive on CO-119.  The first objective is a visit to the much anticipated Boulder Falls.  Although the hike is much shorter than we expected, I always appreciate a waterfall, even if it’s a small trickling stream gently falling on rocks or a gushing rush of water that pounds on the rocks below.  We continue our drive to the outskirts of Nederland, stopping at various spots along the way to enjoy the mountains.  We can’t help but look for climbers on the craggy rocks and Shanna hopes to catch a glimpse of various mountain animals to add to her collection of sitings from her summer in Idaho.

Tea Shoes copy

Once the sun begins to set, we head back into town for a dinner at the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House.  Seeing the display of various Middle Eastern garments of silk trimmed in gold and the tiles and columns of a Central Asian feel creates a peaceful ambiance.  The lengthy list of tea options makes me wish I could have a cup of each.  As we wait for dinner, we talk of just about everything, and as Shanna speaks of her future in Connecticut, I begin to realize that no matter how focused or how much others may seem to have their lives pieced together, everyone’s life is a puzzle their figuring out.  Looking around the restaurant of decorative panels and colorful tiles and an ornate water fountain makes me realize that every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to stop amidst all our worries and find the beauty in it all.  During the trying times in life perhaps all you need is an evening off with a good friend and a hot cup of tea.

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