Should We Plan Everything?

As the end of January approaches, there has been one area of my life this year that I am focusing on: maintaining a work-life balance. Many times, I have spent more hours at work than I intended and figured I would eventually take time off. That type of hopeful aspiration never happens. What usually happens is I aspire to fulfill these goals, but I get burned out from striving to keep them up. After listening to a podcast from Stuff Mom Never Told You about New Year’s resolutions, I found out why. For years, I had been setting goals, but never had action plans. Last year, I found my commitment to affirmations instead of aspirations worked very well. One of the reasons for this success, I found, is because of my commitment to get where I wanted. In order to continue the spirit of affirmations along with advice from the podcast, I decided I would start out by setting a schedule on Google Calendar to arrange my blog, study, and work schedule. Arranging my calendar, I thought this seemed like a great way to incorporate some of my action steps for keeping up with a work-life balance. Did it work? Well, sometimes . . . There were times when I found myself struggling to keep up or not stay a couple of extra hours at work to finish assignments. Does this mean I should give up and forget about planning entirely? Rather than completely throw planning out the window, I decided to give it a second chance.

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