Pulling Back the Curtain: Industry Advice

Georgia McBride WigsNow that the techniques of wigs, hairpieces, and hairstyles has been explained, you might be wondering how people breakthrough and maintain their own career.  As you have seen in the previous post, working in the Hair and Make-up Department requires diligence, patience, and a love for this art.  As I reveal some tips for those who want to open the doors in pursuit of this career, I’ll also show you what these artists want you take away from the knowledge you now have about the ins and outs of their world: Continue Reading ›

Pulling Back the Curtain: Get Your Wig On

Wig Room (L)

The Hair and Make-up Room at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company during “A Christmas Carol” (2014).

When people think of the backstage world, they usually envision a dressing room door with a gold star and “Mrs., Ms., or Mr.” with a celebrity last name. Tell them the words “Hair and Make-up” and the response is filled with fascination at being a personal hairdresser to the stars. While most assume this career would be filled with glamour, the reality is that working in the Hair and Make-up Department isn’t like working as a cosmetologist in a salon. After exclusive interviews with Hair and Make-up Designers and Assistants for theatre and film, I have great respect and a deeper understanding for this department, their artistry, and their craftsmanship at helping an actor develop their character. Want to learn more about this industry? Then travel with me as I go behind the stage curtain to reveal the skills, talents, and reality of those who work in Hair and Make-up. Continue Reading ›