The Worst of 2016

While the end of every year is a time of celebration and reflection, there are also moments that things didn’t work out as planned. By sharing some of my worst moments in 2016, it’s not meant as a time to vent or dwell on the unfortunate circumstances of the year. My purpose of sharing these moments is to show that no one has a perfect life and that there is always something to learn from these moments. At times it seems that it when it rains, it pours and sometimes you forget to look around and step on a cactus. However, I’ve found we’re constantly being tested to see what we can learn and how we can become stronger. A few of these unfortunate moments I experienced in 2016 include some lessons below: Continue Reading ›

The Best of 2016

I can hardly believe that the end of the year is approaching. It feels like yesterday I was anxiously starting graduate school or staying up late to get my mid-terms finished and submitted. After completing my first semester (and unfortunately disappearing from this blog for a few months), it feels good to complete my accomplishments. Although I have plenty of semesters ahead of me, I’m happy to report there is more than graduate school that I’ve added to my list of achievements. 2016 has been a fantastic year of opportunities for career, travel, fashion, and friends. So, before 2016 comes to an end, here are some amazing highlights from this past year: Continue Reading ›

Fall in Dixie National Forest

A few months before I returned to my hometown, I made a list of places I hadn’t seen or wanted to see with a pair of grown up eyes. Although most places revolved around hiking or potential trips to Las Vegas and southern California, one specific location was Dixie National Forest. Luckily, I didn’t have to go very far since this forest surrounds the majority of my current residence. A drive up the canyon and I was in my desired destination. Although it was too cold to hike, I decided to save that for another time and soak up the autumn scenery. A few photos below will show you why I didn’t regret continuing my drive. Continue Reading ›

The Ghosts of Old Iron Town

Whether you’ve lived somewhere for a long time or you grew up there, one thing is most likely true: You probably haven’t seen as much as visitors have. Since returning back to my hometown, I’m finding new stories and faint memories from childhood on some of my return visits. When friends visiting southern Utah on Labor Day invite me on a trip to the historic ruins of Old Iron Town, I decide to join and learn more about an area I’ve lived in for years but haven’t really known. Although Old Iron Town may seem like a small cluster of bricks from fallen ruins or a worn-out dome, these structures hold a place for my imagination as I wander through pathways and bricks. Continue Reading ›

Tourism and Small Town Culture

As the end of August approaches and advertisements for back-to-school supplies are on newspaper coupons and televisions, I’ve also noticed what slows down in my current location is the amount of tourists in town.  Although Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park are still on many people’s radars for the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks and prevalent on many travel bloggers’ Instagram accounts, I’m intrigued to see how the local culture in Cedar City changes when September begins.  At my current job, I’ve seen plenty of families and couples filter through the museum and stand in line at the ticket office, but with Southern Utah University students arriving how will it change the atmosphere of southern Utah?  Once fall has settled in and tourism season comes to a close, how will the town change?  Continue Reading ›