The Best of 2015

2015 has been a pivotal year for me.  Every year may seem that way as it approaches, but this year has certainly involved huge changes in my life, personally and professionally.  Not only did I change my job, but I took off to a new city full of new adventures and people.  Although some of you know about my recent developments in Chicago, there was more than Chicago that influenced my life.  As the end of 2015 gets closer, I’m sharing a few highlights and the best moments of 2015: Continue Reading ›

5 Mistakes I Made in my Theatre Career

Jumping on the train marked Forest Park, I suddenly found myself completely surrounded by people holding onto suitcases and bags, anxiously awaiting their next stop. Digging into my purse for a set of handwritten instructions, I looked over them to determine when to switch to the Brown Line. Even though I had an hour until I reached my temporary residence in Chicago, being in a new city I didn’t want to make any mistakes and end up lost. The worries ran in my head, until I looked up at the crowded cart and thought, “I’ve ridden on public transportation in so many cities, who’s to say I couldn’t do this Chicago?” Immediately I was taken back to my very first internship in London as a costumer for a small company on the outskirts of the city. If I could manage Heathrow airport and the Tube, surely I could manage Chicago’s CTA Line, right? I wasn’t sure and as I embarked on a career change in a new city with uncertainty of what I’ll do after this internship in Chicago. I could only think, would I be able to shed the mistakes of my previous career? Or, would I continue to feel uncertain and never know where to go next? It may seem as though theatre has nothing to do with my latest pursuits in Marketing, Communications, and Development, but as I’m finding, there’s mistakes from my theatre past that I can learn from for the future, wherever my career goes. Here are a few lessons I’ve discovered after making mistakes in theatre: Continue Reading ›

Mapping Out My Life

It was another Monday morning as I typed ferociously and prepared myself for something I had been rebelling against. Waiting for the website to load, I hoped the faster I typed and copy-pasted my resume, the faster this process would go. For months I didn’t see the point of LinkedIn without a clear direction and polishing of my resume skills. Clicking on my location, I typed in my current Utah residency, but to my surprise LinkedIn wouldn’t accept my updates. Frustrated, I tried over and over again to make my changes only to be rejected. Like most computer and online programs, I was reassured by others that LinkedIn would be simple. “This is so easy to set-up,” people would explain. I was told this about Back-up Buddy, Google Analytics Plug-in for WordPress, and Facebook Publisher, all programs I recently struggled with, uncertain of why they failed to work. It seems I can’t figure anything out, and with people constantly asking what I’m doing next careerwise, I was hitting my head on another road block. When would I have my life figured out? When would I finally have my life together? Continue Reading ›

How Travel and Costumes Led to My Involvement in Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

As a costume technician buried in a garment while frantically hand-sewing or coordinating quick-changes to assist actors with costume changes backstage as a dresser, I had always chosen to work for specific companies for their location. Whether it was to be near family and friends or explore what the area had to offer, I was ready for a travel adventure. After working many places from the colorful deserts of Utah to the mountains of Boulder to the beautiful San Diego, I felt the need to keep wandering. While becoming a wandering nomad sounded amazing, I wanted more than travel from place to place—I wanted a purpose attached. My passion to discover and learn about traditional ethnic clothing combined with my pursuits of culture through local fashion magazines was a start, but I needed more direction. Then, my answer arrived. A colleague suggested an area I had seen, but never considered—fair trade crafts. But fair trade was only the beginning as I learned more about sustainable and ethical fashion. What made this industry so appealing? Here are a few connections to show you what made me a part of sustainable and ethical fashion. Continue Reading ›

A Galaxy Far, Far Away . . .

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away . . . OK, well maybe not a galaxy, but a few states away in Utah, a girl fell in love with the story of a sci-fi hero and his band of loyal friends on a journey of self-discovery and success in saving the universe of tyranny. Like many others before me, I found the magic of Star Wars and my admiration didn’t stop at the movies. I read numerous books that were sequels and continuations of the story beyond the movies. I researched all of the details behind the scenes and even played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with any willing participant. It came as no surprise to my family and friends that my date and I dressed up as Princess Leia and Han Solo for the high school Sadie Hawkins dance. So, how did I feel when I learned about the Smithsonian Institute’s Traveling Exhibit of Star Wars costumes? I’m sure it’s only an experience and feeling my dad could understand if the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series. Luckily, my cousin and fellow Star Wars enthusiast, Keony, joins me and my cousins Eric and Jasmine on a trip to a distant galaxy from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition display “Star Wars and the Power of Costume” at the EMP Museum. Continue Reading ›