Giving Thanks Around the World

It’s time to pass the turkey, devour pecan pie (or pumpkin if you prefer), and pile on the mashed potatoes! While I don’t agree with how Native Americans have been treated over the years, I do like Thanksgiving for being a day of gratitude, and it’s not just the food that interests me. While Thanksgiving is traditionally seen as a specific piece of American history, America isn’t the only country that sets aside time to express thanks. To see how a few other places show appreciation, keep reading! Continue Reading ›

Home Sweet Home

Just about everyone will tell you that Christmas is their favorite holiday, everyone but me.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and it’s often overlooked as stores stock their shelves with red, green, white, and gold before Halloween has even happened.  Snow, Christmas dinner, and the feeling of love and goodwill are in abundance, but so are crowded shopping malls and stores during Black Friday as shoppers anxiously search for the best deals.  Thanksgiving is a time for abundance as well, but is usually seen only as an opportunity to overeat and drink lots of wine.  Family stress sometimes makes it hard to see this holiday as a time of compromise, peace, and giving to one another, but it’s the time that the holiday spirit begins.  It’s a time to begin the gift of giving back and thinking of others, and with these home decor styles from Sustainable Fashion companies, you can feel that spirit throughout the year:

Table Setting

Table Setting by passportcouture

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