My Favorite Travel Memories with Mom

Celebrating Mother’s Day is often coupled with flowers, candy, or breakfast in bed for Mom. Although there are numerous Mother’s Day gifts you could search amongst, my favorite gift for my mom is the time I get to spend with her. The advice she has given me plus the unconditional love I’ve reflected on in past blog posts is more than any gift could translate. Over the years, my mom has required fewer Mother’s Day gifts and instead we value the moments we have together. What are my favorite moments with my mom? Our travels around the world have been my favorite moments, and as it turns out, the best Mother’s Day gifts. Continue Reading ›

Highlights of Northern China

In preparation for my journey to China, my supervisor, Su-Lin, eagerly instructs me on various Mandarin phrases.  Having learned small portions of a Cantonese dialect, my knowledge of Mandarin is limited.

“Brooke, how do you say ‘Hello’?” Su-Lin, my draper, asks.

“Ni Hao,” I reply.

“How do you say ‘My name is Brooke’?” Su-Lin says.

I pull out the only phrase in Mandarin I know: “Pang Yee Tah Mah, Brooke,” I respond with a smile.  Su-Lin laughs at my response, which translates to: “Can I have it cheaper, Brooke.”
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