Are Sugar Substitutes Better?

Looking at my affirmations for this month, I wondered: “Why did I choose to do this during summer school and my birthday month?” Reducing your sugar intake is no easy task, especially for someone like me with a sweet tooth. Cookies at work always grab my attention, and when I see a co-worker’s desk with a bowl of chocolate, I can’t help but pick up a piece (either imagining it in my mind or actually scooping it out of the bowl). However, having too much sugar can lead to many health dangers we already knew about: diabetes, tooth decay, and weight gain. Normally I ignore these thinking I can go to the gym after work, but eventually, it catches up with you. After hearing co-workers who have detoxed and eliminated sugar from their diet and report having fewer headaches and having more energy, I was intrigued to learn more. However, I was very concerned about my sweet tooth. What should I do if I can’t ignore the cravings? Would sugar substitutes be a better option? Most would give a resounding, “No,” but I decided to go into these substitutes to see if there is any truth to the nay-sayers. The results? Well, complicated, but here’s what I’ve uncovered about sugar substitutes: Continue Reading ›