Low-Sugar Desserts

Taking time off to enjoy the weekends is easy, what’s not easy is avoiding sugar on a Saturday night for a late night treat. The weekends are definitely a time where I want to indulge. I have finished my daily workout routine for the week and it’s time to celebrate. And, what better way to celebrate than savoring some sugar? During this month I worked hard on finding alternative recipes for sugary sweets, and my endeavors didn’t stop at desserts. Giving up sugar was hard and finding low-sugar desserts was even harder, but luckily I was able to find a few you might consider if you need to cut back on your sugar intake. Continue Reading ›

Low-Sugar Treats

Cutting back on the sugar you eat may seem like an easy process. Avoid things like donuts, candy, and anything with the word sugar in it, right? I’ve found it’s not as straight-forward as that. Sugar substitutes are not the best answer and there is sugar in plenty of natural foods like fruits and vegetables. So, what can you do if you need a treat? I found there are a lot of options and even tried making my own low-sugar snacks. If you find you need some suggestions on how to eat items with lower sugar amounts, keep reading to see my recommendations on this low-sugar journey. Continue Reading ›

Are Sugar Substitutes Better?

Looking at my affirmations for this month, I wondered: “Why did I choose to do this during summer school and my birthday month?” Reducing your sugar intake is no easy task, especially for someone like me with a sweet tooth. Cookies at work always grab my attention, and when I see a co-worker’s desk with a bowl of chocolate, I can’t help but pick up a piece (either imagining it in my mind or actually scooping it out of the bowl). However, having too much sugar can lead to many health dangers we already knew about: diabetes, tooth decay, and weight gain. Normally I ignore these thinking I can go to the gym after work, but eventually, it catches up with you. After hearing co-workers who have detoxed and eliminated sugar from their diet and report having fewer headaches and having more energy, I was intrigued to learn more. However, I was very concerned about my sweet tooth. What should I do if I can’t ignore the cravings? Would sugar substitutes be a better option? Most would give a resounding, “No,” but I decided to go into these substitutes to see if there is any truth to the nay-sayers. The results? Well, complicated, but here’s what I’ve uncovered about sugar substitutes: Continue Reading ›

June 2017 Affirmations

June is a time most people welcome for the warm weather, upcoming adventures, and time away with family. I’m equally excited for this time of year, even if it means I have to start summer school and have difficult classes ahead of me. Looking back at last month’s affirmations, however, I know that taking on challenges isn’t impossible. Finding or making beauty products that were eco-friendly was no easy task. Products that are palm oil free and cruelty-free were not all affordable for me right now and trying to find recipes that were completely vegan or vegetarian had ingredients that were not always within my price range. Still, I’m happy with the discoveries I have made and will continue to find more products and ingredients. As I’m finding, beauty products are just as complicated as fashion or any aspect of sustainable living. The answer lies more in striving to make more sustainable choices throughout life, not finding the perfect pathway to sustainability. Continue Reading ›