Trailing Through Nebraska

One of my favorite games growing up wasn’t Mario Brothers or Monopoly, it was none other than the computer game The Oregon Trail. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s a computer game in which the player takes family and friends through a fictional journey along the Oregon Trail during the pioneer era. During this time you travel to the numerous forts and locations every pioneer encountered and could buy various products and food, go on a hunting expedition in the afternoon, and decide if your group should pay to cross the river on a ferry or take the risk and ford the river. Even though I had not actually been on the Oregon Trail, it was fun to think I had. If my character died from dysentery or my wagon capsized in the water, I could always start over and give the Oregon Trail another try. The Oregon Trail only seemed to be a distant experience, one I never thought I’d actualize until a recent visit to Nebraska. Want to join me on this part of the Oregon Trail?  Then see what I discovered in a couple of Nebraska’s National Parks: Continue Reading ›