A Glimpse Into the Past at Coronado and Old Town

For the last few nights in San Diego, my journey becomes more exciting upon the arrival of my mom.  As I anxiously await her arrival and my final work day, my anticipation for a visit to Coronado heightens.  Various suggestions for this city have peaked my curiosity, and once Sunday approaches, I’m ready to go.  Sunscreen, water bottles, and Capriotti sandwiches in hand, we’re prepared–San Diego sun do your worst Previously we discuss taking a ride on the Coronado Ferry, but seeing the road for the Coronado Bridge, we decide to take our chances on the possibility of limited parking spaces on the other side.

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The San Diego Zoo: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

One thing I have never grown out of is my love and adoration for animals.  As an adult with my own apartment and private bedroom, my bed is still graced by the presence of stuffed bears, dogs, and Hello Kitty toys.  When Secret Santa time arrives in the wardrobe room, my co-workers know how ecstatic I am when a Hello Kitty or Snoopy toy finds its way to my desk.  For a brief period I ate as a vegetarian and although I eat some meats, I was unable to finish a side dish of quail at The Fort because I kept picturing a quail flapping away as I ate a wing.  My favorite part of Balboa Park is the dog park and I felt like I was in heaven strolling along Dog Beach as my friends filmed their 7-month-old French Poodle mix, Baylee, for a video contest.  I can’t hide my excitement as I ask dog owners about their breeds in hopes of scouting out my next puppy.  It’s no surprise then, that one of my coveted destinations is the San Diego Zoo.

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Balboa Park: Is it a Wedding or a Quinceanera?

One thing I always find interesting and very amusing about my work in the theatre is the tour groups who come into the costume shop and are instantly amazed and intrigued by the work space.  Having been lucky to work steadily in this business, I have worked in shops of all shapes and sizes; some are in emptied dressing rooms, others are in large rooms with nearly-state-of-the-art storage areas.  No matter what the size, every shop seems to make use of its space, often times finding any possibly empty corner to rearrange and stick a notions drawer in.  A sewing table with machines and someone peering down at pieces of brown paper on a table are all completely normal circumstances to me, so I do understand why it comes as a shock to people who are trapped in a cubicle or office 40 hours per week.  What has been unique for my work in San Diego is the fact that I get to spend time in a very eclectic and uncommon place: Balboa Park.

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Most people assume I’m quiet, timid, and conservative all the time . . . until they watch a Yankees game with me.  People say there’s two sides to every story, and there’s definitely two sides to me: the shy, unassuming seamstress, and the outspoken, opinionated woman who always likes to come out and play for a baseball game.  Since I was named after the Brooklyn Dodgers, I had no choice but to learn the game and while I’m not an avid fan, I find I have moments of being passionate about the sport.  I don’t read the stats or understand exactly what the meaning of “two games out” means, but if you want to know if I have an opinion on inter-league play or putting a salary cap on baseball, I absolutely do.  As a kid I was no stranger to T-ball or softball, and my sister and I could tell you all our favorite scenes from “Major League,” “The Sandlot,” and “A League of Their Own.”  Even though we weren’t skilled softball players, my dad still loves to watch us play on old video recordings and cheer us on. Continue Reading ›

Glitter It Yourself

As an artist you’re constantly re-inventing and finding ways to not only express yourself but also find a way to make a living off that self-expression.  Just about everyone I know or work with has these pursuits that range from selling paintings, crocheted animals and creatures, and ornate wire jewelry.  I can’t say I haven’t tried a hand at finding a niche with a short-lived enterprise into baby items that has somehow developed into aprons and knotted jewelry; my plan to attempt knitting tiny items like hot dogs, Christmas trees, and gnomes (also known as mochimochi) is still in the making (stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it).  Like most artists and crafters, I have many half-finished projects; an abundance of I’ve always wanted to do this and will at some point, and countless plans for Halloween costumes.  So, it’s no surprise that I’ve pulled out a pair of shoes in my suitcase, dusted them, and plan to give them a new life with a good coat of glitter.

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