City or a Country Girl?

For as long as I can remember, one thing has always been a priority in my life: adventure.  I’ve always wanted to be on an adventure in a new and unique place and constantly dreamed of it.  Eagerly daydreaming of possibilities from my books and diligently putting extra change and birthday money in my piggy bank, I always found ways to prepare for my great escape.  Growing up in a small town in Southern Utah and then heading to a small town in Colorado for college, I was anxious to experience city life.  I was thrilled to live and intern in London and I headed to visit family in San Francisco to see if it might be my residence after college.  Indecision held me back as I made my way to Denver, a small city that became my home base, and I continually yearned for more in a city.  Even though I had two brief summers in San Diego and most recently I finished my time in Chicago, my sense of adventure still isn’t satisfied.  It seems as much as I love being in a city, I yearn to be out in the wild and the unknown.  In the middle of downtown Chicago or in Lincoln Park, I enjoyed finding patches of green and even ventured outside of the city to find gardens and conservatories.  Was I not a city girl, after all?  Did I only think I wanted to be in a large metropolis but was really a country girl at heart? Continue Reading ›

Mapping Out My Life

It was another Monday morning as I typed ferociously and prepared myself for something I had been rebelling against. Waiting for the website to load, I hoped the faster I typed and copy-pasted my resume, the faster this process would go. For months I didn’t see the point of LinkedIn without a clear direction and polishing of my resume skills. Clicking on my location, I typed in my current Utah residency, but to my surprise LinkedIn wouldn’t accept my updates. Frustrated, I tried over and over again to make my changes only to be rejected. Like most computer and online programs, I was reassured by others that LinkedIn would be simple. “This is so easy to set-up,” people would explain. I was told this about Back-up Buddy, Google Analytics Plug-in for WordPress, and Facebook Publisher, all programs I recently struggled with, uncertain of why they failed to work. It seems I can’t figure anything out, and with people constantly asking what I’m doing next careerwise, I was hitting my head on another road block. When would I have my life figured out? When would I finally have my life together? Continue Reading ›

From the Ashes

It seems like only yesterday since the hot windy desert flew past my window and turned into lush green hillsides on I-215.  With my car packed of multiple suitcases, plastic bins of cooking supplies and spices, and cartons of craft projects, I look straight ahead to the sun shining in my mirror.  I carry more than material items; my luggage is full of disappointment, heartbreak, and family sorrow.  Every aspect of my future seems uncertain and no matter how I attempt to remedy it, I seem to be stuck where I started.  I continually tell myself that if life is going to stick me in square one with blank walls, then I will find a way to paint them.  Although I have multiple paint cans, they seem to run dry as I struggle to open the lids and my paintbrush seems to lose its bristles.  My inspiration has literally dried up and I feel as though there is no way to pick my spirits up to see any possibilities ahead.

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Onward Explorers!

It’s only been a couple of days since my departure from San Diego, yet it feels like a lifetime.  I left early on a Monday morning; packing my last few boxes in an already stuffed car and opening every drawer and cupboard carefully searching for any small object.  One I excel at is leaving behind one item everywhere I’ve been.  I tend to think of this action as leaving behind evidence for the next person to find or a part of me that can stay, even if I want to leave.  While I’m sure my long lost items are tossed, it’s nice to think otherwise.  Our attachments to items fascinates me because it seems as though we cease to exist without any trace of them.

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A Glimpse Into the Past at Coronado and Old Town

For the last few nights in San Diego, my journey becomes more exciting upon the arrival of my mom.  As I anxiously await her arrival and my final work day, my anticipation for a visit to Coronado heightens.  Various suggestions for this city have peaked my curiosity, and once Sunday approaches, I’m ready to go.  Sunscreen, water bottles, and Capriotti sandwiches in hand, we’re prepared–San Diego sun do your worst Previously we discuss taking a ride on the Coronado Ferry, but seeing the road for the Coronado Bridge, we decide to take our chances on the possibility of limited parking spaces on the other side.

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