Conservation at Red Butte Garden

No matter where I go, one item is always on the travel itinerary: gardens.  Museums and hiking may find their way on my list of things to see, but gardens are always on the top of the list.  However, I’ve come to find that my affinity for gardens is more than my desire to get to the outdoors.  Gardens are more than being with nature and pretty flowers, they’re also about promoting conservation through knowledge and inspiration.  Luckily for me, a recent visit to the Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City, Utah with my friend Trisha provides me with all of these things.  Having recently toured the gardens, Trisha provides me with a few interesting tidbits from her tour. Continue Reading ›

Native American Heritage at the Natural History Museum of Utah

Like most elementary age children in the United States, I remember learning about my state’s history, main agriculture, state bird and numerous facts about how the state was established.  As I grew up, my memory changed when I made my way to Colorado and all that remained of my Utah knowledge was of beehives, seagulls and pioneers.  All of that changed when I paid a visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah, and began to relive the memories beyond those of my middle school classroom.  Walking outside of the popular and current Gecko exhibit, past the displays of gems and minerals and beyond the exhibits of Utah’s weather, one place in particular called my attention.  A gallery of Native American art, crafts and history welcomed me in and before I knew it I was taken back to my childhood where my dad had taken me to Pow-wows and numerous activities with local tribes in southern Utah.  Many times I had asked my dad, “What happened to the Native Americans after the settlers came in?  Where are they now?”  It’s a difficult question, but this section at the Natural History Museum of Utah gave me a few answers. Continue Reading ›

Downtown Salt Lake City Attractions

When it comes to Salt Lake City or any Utah destination, a few words immediately come to mind: Mormon, Latter-Day Saints and Temple Square.  While Salt Lake City’s Temple Square is a spectacle worth seeing for Latter-Day Saints practitioners and out-of-town travelers, my focus in Salt Lake City took a different point-of-view.  Upon arriving in Salt Lake City, I decided to look at sites beyond Salt Lake City’s Mormon history and heritage to see what else Utah has to offer.  Heading to downtown Salt Lake City, I found recognition of the state’s history, stunning architecture, Utah’s contributions to numerous fields and careers and wonderful views of the city framed perfectly within the mountains.  Although Salt Lake City is known for the elaborate Temple Square, here are a couple of places you should also be certain to add to your itinerary. Continue Reading ›