Ideas to Upcycle Clothes

At the end of every semester, I take on one specific task: Go through my belongings and give away items I don’t use or wear anymore. Recently I had a few clothing items I knew I wouldn’t have the time to adjust or resize, so I decided it was time to give them away. After setting my affirmations for this month, however, I decided to pull out some items and see how I could repurpose them into something else. My Pinterest literally exploded as I searched for ways to upcycle my clothes! Here’s a short list of the projects I used to update and revitalize my wardrobe. Continue Reading ›

DIY Valentines Gifts For Classmates

Since starting school, my focus on craft projects has been restricted by homework. However, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve been getting back to my crafting roots for a much-needed relief. Although I’m focusing less on crafts with my blog, unless it’s repurposing or upcycling, I’ve wanted to share the spirit of love with some DIY projects I found for Valentine’s Day. At first, I didn’t think there would be many ideas out there for classmates, Pinterest definitely proved me wrong. To see what I’ve come up with for my graduate school classmates, see what I’ve crafted below. Continue Reading ›

Luck on Chinese New Year

My grandmother is getting ready for Chinese New Year after a Denver Broncos Super Bowl victory, carefully placing red and gold envelopes on the dining room table covered with oranges, candies, Chinese sweets and a vase full of red roses. The red accoutrements adorning the table are all to bring good luck in the New Year, and I’m happy for any opportunity to rope in a little good fortune. Although I agree most people make their own luck through hard work and dedication, I decide to work on a Lucky Knot to make my own rabbit’s foot. My grandmother asks if the game is over, but for me it seems like it’s all just begun. With multiple applications for jobs and school in the balance and two possible places to land for a while, I wonder if not washing my hair and refraining from eating meat on Monday will give me a little bit of hope I’ve been looking for. Continue Reading ›

Silk and Seashells

Although my travels in the Pacific Northwest have come to an end, I still have the greenery and gardens full of blossoming flowers in the back of mind. While looking through the shelves of silk and fibers at the Silk Weaving Studio in Granville Island, I was lucky to stumble upon a basket of warp ends amongst the collection of spools for weaving and knitting. Some may think of this as a basket to toss away, but all I can see is opportunity. Thinking back to the basics of friendship bracelets, I decided I could do the same with a small handful of these beautiful silk ends. When I returned home, I noticed I still had a few seashells left to wire wrap, lone beads leftover from other jewelry projects, and metal findings ready for a home. Piecing all of these elements together, I knew exactly where to begin my latest projects: Continue Reading ›

Mother Knows Best

Me and Mom (L)My mom is at it again. This time she has a set of hand tools and is ready to attack the footrest from my father’s study that’s laying upside-down. Before she gets started, she drapes a Los Angeles Dodger hoodie over the footrest and examines it. “Is it awkward to have this pocket across the top?” she asks, showing me the lower pouch pocket for someone to hold their hands in. I don’t think it’s necessary to worry about it, although sometimes I’m not sure why she asks me. It seems my mom knows a lot of things, not just about re-purposing a footrest with a Los Angeles Dodger hoodie. When it comes to just about anything I’ve done, whether it’s developing an interest in sustainable fashion or determining another travel destination or deciding on whether or not I should buy something for myself, she’s always had good ideas. Our relationship may have changed over the years, but she still remains someone I ask for advice or another opinion. Do I always take her advice? No, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know a thing or two. In fact, here are a few wonderful things about my mom and how she’s influenced my life: Continue Reading ›