Travel: Princess Leia Style

It seems like galaxies away since my visit to Star Wars and the Power of Costume at the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington. Looking through photos and remembering my costume for the Sadie Hawkins dance in high school, it’s clear that although Star Wars may not be as prominent in my life, it still has an effect on me. While Star Wars has been ridiculed for its wooden dialogue, the most recent trilogy criticized for being “Popcorn Movies,” and people wondering about its future success with Disney, I can’t help but continue to be intrigued by its heroines, mainly Princess Leia. Known for having cinnamon roll shaped hair buns on the side of her head and the unforgettable metallic bikini from Jabba the Hutt scenes, her courage and strong-willed behavior is something I keep in mind throughout my life. My most recent solo travels in British Columbia, Canada had me thinking on exactly how much this princess of the Star Wars universe influence my thoughts, actions, and decision-making. Here are a few ways Princess Leia has shaped how I travel: Continue Reading ›