Plastic DIY Projects

With Plastic-Free July at an end, I’m beginning to see not only how much plastic use and waste is in our everyday lives, but also what I can do to reduce it. I’m finding there are more options for compostable materials including nailpolish bottles from Habit Cosmetics at HELPSY with bamboo lids in replace of plastic tops and bamboo single-use cutlery I found at World Market. These are only small steps, but definitely worth noting and being aware of for future use. What can we do about the plastic we currently do have? If it’s not an item that’s easily recyclable, is there something that can be done? Looking for answers, I did some digging on Pinterest, and found my answer in an abundance of DIY projects that turn plastic items into décor and storage. To see what I’ve found, take a look at the following links for some inspiration for your next DIY project: Continue Reading ›

Plastic In Fashion

If you’ve read my last post about Plastic-Free July, you probably know my focus on avoiding the top four popular items: coffee cups and straws, plastic bags, and water bottles. As I’ve been striving to follow this movement, I’ve begun to learn more about plastic and its effects in the world. Even in fashion, I think of how much plastic is embedded in materials and products.  As supporter of sustainable fashion, I have to wonder, is there something fashion can do to manage plastic waste? This is what I found: Continue Reading ›

Is it Possible to be Plastic-Free on the Road?

Trash (L)After reading Eco-Warrior Princess’ post “Could You Live Plastic-Free?” a response to living without plastic in order to stop polluting the oceans, I had to ask myself if I could do the same thing. Living a life in transit and temporarily moving home, I thought it might be possible. However, after seeing the plastic packaging from groceries and having limited options for plastic alternatives in a small town, I began to think otherwise. Then, an answer arrived when Jennifer Nini of Eco-Warrior Princess announced the Plastic-Free July. Immediately, I signed up, the day before my family’s epic road trip to see National Parks and Historic Sites in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Originally I planned on giving up the top four: plastic bags, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups and straws. Unfortunately, I signed up the day before I left, which didn’t enable me to make many adjustments ahead of time, but I still felt determined to give it a shot. Here are a few things I’ve learned about plastic and my future plans for handling this material: Continue Reading ›