10 Things To Do After Fashion Revolution Day

Now that millions have asked major fashion brands, “Who made my clothes?” and Fashion Revolution Day has passed, your next question might be, “Now what?” You’ve turned your clothes inside-out, you’ve tagged fashion companies in your Social Media posts, and you’re ready for what’s next. It may seem like a lot has been done for Fashion Revolution Day, but the work has only begun. So, what can you do to continue to advocate for change in the fashion industry? Consider a few of these steps to show your support for a more ethical and eco-conscious world: Continue Reading ›

Super Bowl Style

The weekend is quickly approaching, so that means it’s time for what every NFL fan has been eagerly awaiting: Super Bowl Sunday.  Although baseball is the only sport I’ve been knowledgeable and enthusiastic about, I can’t avoid football in a town like Denver.  In a city where football tickets are passed down from generation to generation, I’m hard-pressed to find a TV not featuring a game whether I’m at a bar, restaurant, or in the Wardrobe Room at work.  Stage Managers, crew members, and actors eagerly discuss the possibilities, and during intermission cheering and yelling ensue before another act of the show begins.  Since I can’t find a way to not join in on the excitement, I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm with the phrase, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” with these style sets.  Who will you be rooting for?

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Crafting: The Lost Art

If you ever want to stop a conversation during a first date, the phrases “I want to be married next year with kids” or “My Ex (insert anything here)” will be sure to cut your evening short. When I mention phrases attached to my summer like “Artisan Sector” or “Handicraft Industry” most conversation stops and I’m met with furrowed brows and confused frowns. It’s not much better when I add “Social Innovation” or “Empowerment.”  When I mention I’m traveling to Peru to help local artisans sell their products in the world marketplace to change the fashion industry’s current practices and standards, people immediately jump to conclusions: “Is it like those companies that go to Ghana or something like that? Don’t they sell stuff at that store in the mall with rugs from Nepal? Or is that the stuff that they sell at foreign airports and markets? I got my mom a bracelet from one of those that says, “Korea.” Texting my mom on Hangouts I realize there’s plenty of icons to describe her as a nurse: a syringe, a bandaid, pills. There’s nothing to describe what I do. San emoticons and icons, I wonder how can I make a field like this important and applicable to those not in this world of Artisan Empowerment?

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Run by What???

Expecting a completely open summer and multiple options available for travel, May was a month I packed my bags to escape.  My first planned stop was home, the next one completely unknown.  With various ideas scattered across the globe, I’m not really certain where my pushpin will land on the map.  I wish to have a new adventure living amongst locals, immersed in their words and delicious aromas.  This could put me just about anywhere.  To my surprise, a volunteer opportunity to spend the summer in Piura, Peru with the company, Run by Rural, arrives in my e-mail inbox.  Hurrying to book tickets, pack my bags, and get vaccinations, a call to my grandma, Nonie, foreshadows my future misunderstandings in a new culture and country. Continue Reading ›