Why You Should Visit U.S. National Parks

It seemed like a miracle, but finally I had reached the top.  Looking out around me, I was in complete awe of the towering cliffs and the canyon open before me.  My feet were tired, but it didn’t seem to matter as I stared at the beautiful red rocks surrounding me.  I had just finished climbing and hiking Angel’s Landing, a trip I agreed to when my roommates from the Utah Shakespeare Festival asked to join them and a few friends in Zion National Park.  At first I was eager and up for any adventure, but little did I realize how out of shape I was and the difficulty of Angel’s Landing.  Holding onto chains and climbing the rough rocks after hiking numerous switchbacks, I wondered if there would ever be an end.  Luckily, I didn’t give up and even after I lost my toenail, I still continued to visit U.S. National Parks.  But my journey to visit U.S. National Parks didn’t begin at Angels Landing.  For years I had been visiting National Parks including Grand Canyon, Colorado National Monument, and dozens of historic sites on the east coast.  Although some of this enthusiasm came from desire to see all of the sites in my Passport book, it has become even more of a priority because of the recent 100 year celebration of the National Park Service.  In honor of this centennial, I’m sharing a few insights and reasons about why you should visit National Parks: Continue Reading ›