From the Cacao Tree

After reading we can make our own chocolate at the Choco Museo in Miraflores, it’s no secret that my mom, my sister, and I plan on making this a must-see destination.  We enter the store and find just about everything chocolate: liqueurs, keychains, teas, and condoms.  As a devoted chocolate lover I’m surprised and delighted chocolate can take on so many forms.  Once our informational part of the tour begins, I find there is more to chocolate than a dark auburn shell with a burst of flavors ranging from sweet to bitter. Continue Reading ›

Cuenca: The Hidden Gem

With the big launch of Run by Rural‘s newsletter, website, and campaign completed, my colleagues, Gina and Andrea are packed and prepared to head along the coast and past the border to Ecuador.  Gina heard from a reliable source that Cuenca, Ecuador should be on the top of her list if she plans to journey beyond Peru to its northern neighbor.  Both Gina and Andrea are eager to head out of the desert, but I was hesitant, feeling the crunch of production and wanting to stay behind to accomplish more before my exit date.  Gina’s motivation and passion for adventure, however, doesn’t give me a chance to second-guess this opportunity.   “Are you ready to go?  Did you want to go to Carbon Burger before we leave?” Gina asks as she peeks her head out of the door that leads to our rooftop.  My desire and instincts to travel kick in and my dragging feet quickly spring my legs into action as I shuffle through our bedroom, hurrying to pick up the piles of clothes, camera bag, and shoes sprawled on my bed.  Shoving items into my bag, I anxiously pack with a “Take no prisoners” attitude.  It’s time to stop dwelling and add another stamp to the passport. Continue Reading ›

The Butterfly Pavilion

In an effort to bid winter a farewell, my friends Caitlin, Nicole, Rosita, and I pay a visit to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado.  Watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of the bright azure, cream, and brown wings, we find surprise at every turn as butterflies soar over our heads.

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All Tied Up in Knots

As a creator and crafter, I find I am in constant pursuit of my next exploration in the handicraft frontier.  After my trip to the land of my heritage, China, and a visit among the displays of the Denver Art Museum’s exhibit, Spun, I decide to pursue a long-time interest in Chinese Knotted Jewelry.  This venture began when I found a book on Maedup (Korean Knotted Jewelry) amongst the shelves of a local craft store.  The book, in particular, caught the attention of my long-time passion for studying and reproducing ethnic clothing and handicrafts.  My desire to learn more about the specific type of jewelry only grew and I felt what better way to express it than combine it with inspirations around me?
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Spun Together at the Denver Art Museum

It seems like only a few days have passed since my excursion to the Denver Art Museum for the extensive fabric collection in Spun: Adventures in Textiles.  As I recall my journey through exhibits of exotic prints, bright colors, and beautiful embroidery, I delight in seeing how all the individual textiles are woven together and the designs created illustrate a deeper understanding.  With each set of prints, a new set of symbols has a meaning that is brought to life.

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