Art and Heritage in Washington D.C.

If there’s one thing I was excited for in Washington D.C., it’s the plethora of museums. Knowing there would be plenty of museums and organizations throughout the city that my Southern Utah University Arts Administration classmates and I could enjoy gave as all excitement and anticipation. Unfortunately, I realized I would only be able to see a few museums this visit instead of every single one on my list. My admiration for cultural preservation and passion for art steered me in the direction of a few notable places that piqued my interest. If you love art and culture as much as I do, take a look at the visits that have become some of my favorite places. Continue Reading ›

A Visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art

On the way to Washington D.C. for Arts Advocacy Day, Katie and Cameron (my graduate school classmates) and I decided one thing had to be done: Visit Baltimore and eat Captain Crunch French Toast. In order to make our goals happen, we purchased tickets on a red-eye flight that would land us in Baltimore early in the morning. Despite the fact that we were met with biting cold weather, we ventured out into Baltimore after devouring breakfast at the Blue Moon Café. Our main destination? The Baltimore Museum of Art. With student loans and budgets on our minds, we were excited this site is free admission, and as Arts Administration students, we’re even more excited to explore a museum with exquisite art. Continue Reading ›

My Favorite Museums in Chicago

When you think of museums, a few ideas probably come to mind.  Boring.  Old.  A school field trip that got you out of going to class.  Long.  Although I enjoy museums and make a point to visit many when I live or travel somewhere, I have also experienced museum burnout and I can’t take being indoors staring at another oil painting.  However, when I arrived in Chicago, I found this wasn’t the case at all.  Instead I found myself discovering new museums, each with characteristics that completely fascinated me.  From history to architecture to textiles, Chicago has it all when it comes to museums and I wasn’t disappointed with any displays.  Here are a few of my favorites I discovered while living in this mid-west city: Continue Reading ›

A Lesson on Money from Chicago

Chicago is known for not only being a city of great food, the Cubs, and Willis Tower, but it’s also renowned for being expensive.  Being an intern here, I expected this to be the situation, and I’m learning how to balance spending versus worrying about the future.  It’s not an easy task, but I find there are plenty of free things to do, which is why I decide to take the opportunity to have a personal tour of the Chicago Board of Trade from a future in-law.  With very little knowledge of the purpose and function of this building, I decide to find out more about the world of economics and finances beyond my checkbook. Continue Reading ›

Life-Long Learning at The University of Chicago

When I go on vacation, the last place I usually think to go is a university.  Why go back to school when I worked so hard for five years to get my bachelor’s degree and escape it?  Visiting a college campus hadn’t even crossed my mind when it came to temporarily relocating to Chicago, but after suggestions from co-workers and roommates, I decide to give it a shot.  Making my way south to The University of Chicago, I find I’m in for more than I bargained for.  Walking through the campus of gothic architecture and buildings, I find this is no ordinary campus.  Not only is it much bigger than the campus of the school I attended, Mesa State College (currently Colorado Mesa University), but it takes academic learning to another level with its elaborate design and architecture. Continue Reading ›