5 Things that Give Me Travel Inspiration

I may not be traveling much these days (until I graduate), but I always find time for inspiration even when I’m not on the road. While most people find inspiration through platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, I look elsewhere. In fact, I rarely go online to get the travel bug. Where exactly am I looking for inspiration? I’m not necessarily talking about a where since I don’t have to even leave home to get the urge to travel. There are many items throughout my home, specifically in my bookshelves and the kitchen. If you’re looking for travel inspiration that isn’t online, consider a few of these items that help my own imagination soar.

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My Top 5 Sustainability Documentaries

Sustainability sounds like a huge endeavor. It sounds as though it could be unmanageable or too much to take on. Even though I’m working towards more a more sustainable lifestyle, even I feel overwhelmed at times. When people ask me, “Why do you do it?” I find that sometimes I can’t explain it other than a feeling of purpose. But that doesn’t fully express my reasoning. While looking through my DVD queue on Netflix, I found some answers that give my thoughts more clarity. Looking up documentaries on sustainable-related topics brought up more results than I expected. If there’s a few that really illustrate my thoughts, it’s these five films: Continue Reading ›

Movie Stars Who Support Sustainability

Tonight, Hollywood is preparing the red carpet to honor numerous movie stars, innovative production designers, and creative filmmakers on their golden night. The Academy Awards have always been a part of my itinerary, and tonight is no exception. What makes me even more excited about this ceremony aren’t the authentic fashion designs, rather I’m even more honored to see movie stars who aren’t afraid to show their support for sustainability. You probably know many of these people already, but I found a few more I wasn’t even aware of. Rather than share a very long list that would take months to expand on, I’m sharing a few I admire who truly understand the importance of advocating for the environment. In no particular order, here they are: Continue Reading ›

May 2016 Book List

Change of place and employment is nothing new to me, but May turned out to be a constructive move to my future.  Returning to my hometown and beginning assistantships for graduate school became a pivotal move for my career and future outlook, as well as a chance to catch up with some good books.  After settling into work and assembling a R2-D2 like vacuum, I was looking forward to a reading list that included a Star Wars-related book as well as a chronicle to get me thinking about future ecotourism opportunities during school breaks.  What kind of galaxies was I taken to?  Find out with my latest books:

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Travel: Princess Leia Style

It seems like galaxies away since my visit to Star Wars and the Power of Costume at the EMP Museum in Seattle, Washington. Looking through photos and remembering my costume for the Sadie Hawkins dance in high school, it’s clear that although Star Wars may not be as prominent in my life, it still has an effect on me. While Star Wars has been ridiculed for its wooden dialogue, the most recent trilogy criticized for being “Popcorn Movies,” and people wondering about its future success with Disney, I can’t help but continue to be intrigued by its heroines, mainly Princess Leia. Known for having cinnamon roll shaped hair buns on the side of her head and the unforgettable metallic bikini from Jabba the Hutt scenes, her courage and strong-willed behavior is something I keep in mind throughout my life. My most recent solo travels in British Columbia, Canada had me thinking on exactly how much this princess of the Star Wars universe influence my thoughts, actions, and decision-making. Here are a few ways Princess Leia has shaped how I travel: Continue Reading ›