My Bathroom Inventory

As someone who rarely wears makeup and strives to make their own beauty products, you might wonder why I decided to go through my toiletries for the 100 Thing Challenge. My reason for looking through my toiletries is simply because my bathroom is something I use every day, but I hardly ever think to inventory it to see what I have. Surely, I must not have that much if I see my toiletries every day and know what I have, right? I decided rather than assume I might as well use this opportunity to see what I don’t use and what I can give up on. As Dave Bruno points out, one of the hardest things he had eliminating was his woodworking tools. He held onto them, fantasizing about the woodworking artisan he might be, but never actually became. Looking around my bathroom, I wondered if there might be anything I was holding onto in hopes of becoming a persona I idealized. Continue Reading ›

May 2017 Affirmations

April has come and gone in a flash. Pushing my way through finals week, I feel as though I awoke and the month is gone. Although I did not get to write a lot of posts, I was inspired to see so many others committing to Fashion Revolution Day and asking about everything from #whomademyclothes to conscious consumerism. Scrolling through Instagram, one of my favorite posts revolved around Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Continue Reading ›

A Tale of Two Sisters

It’s another hot, muggy and humid day as I run through the Ming Tombs near Beijing, China as my sister, Ming, and I giggle and pose with humor among the statues. Pointing to an animal that sits in the grass, Ming suggests, “You need to go over there and do a yoga pose in front of that one. It has Crow Pose written all over it.” I tell her that unfortunately I can’t maneuver this pose, but I offer to pretend as though I’m peeing on it like a dog. We both uncontrollably giggle as my mom rolls her eyes at us. We’re used to behaving like this. After all, we’ve found ways to successfully create a photo that looked like I was swallowing water from a fish fountain at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and one of Ming carefully squeezing into a stone window from the Pisac ruins in Peru. Sometimes people think we’re twins because the core of us is so similar. Growing up in southern Utah, people often mistook us for twins, yet we look nothing alike. Our very different personalities can make things complicated and difficult, but we can also find comfort and enjoy one another. Even though our differences have sometimes caused frustrations, I’m finding more and more that I value our different and unique personalities. How does this work exactly? Here are a few examples to show you what I mean. Continue Reading ›

Pulling Back the Curtain: Industry Advice

Georgia McBride WigsNow that the techniques of wigs, hairpieces, and hairstyles has been explained, you might be wondering how people breakthrough and maintain their own career.  As you have seen in the previous post, working in the Hair and Make-up Department requires diligence, patience, and a love for this art.  As I reveal some tips for those who want to open the doors in pursuit of this career, I’ll also show you what these artists want you take away from the knowledge you now have about the ins and outs of their world: Continue Reading ›

Pulling Back the Curtain: Beyond Beauty Make-up

Eyelashes 2 copy

Eyelashes and Make-up from “The Legend of Georgia McBride” (2014) at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company.

When it comes to make-up, we often think of our mothers or sisters looking at their reflection in the bathroom mirror as they add a hint of blush on their cheeks or gently slide a tube of lipstick across their lips. Make-up is often seen as an accent for an everyday beauty look or something you buy at a local grocery store for Halloween.  However, during my discussions with Make-up Artists for theatre, film, and other forms of entertainment I found their work to be more than smearing green face paint on an performer to turn them into the Elphaba for a production of Wicked. Not only are there various techniques of Make-up, but the methods are always changing and improving. Curious to see what I mean by this? Then continue reading to learn about this intricate and evolving industry. Continue Reading ›