From the Cacao Tree

After reading we can make our own chocolate at the Choco Museo in Miraflores, it’s no secret that my mom, my sister, and I plan on making this a must-see destination.  We enter the store and find just about everything chocolate: liqueurs, keychains, teas, and condoms.  As a devoted chocolate lover I’m surprised and delighted chocolate can take on so many forms.  Once our informational part of the tour begins, I find there is more to chocolate than a dark auburn shell with a burst of flavors ranging from sweet to bitter. Continue Reading ›


In just a few whirlwind days, my time with Run by Rural comes to a close, and I’m on my way to a flight to greet my family in Lima.  My last memory of Lima is exiting the airport from the International Arrivals and sweating in the hot muggy climate while dragging my suitcase to the Domestic Terminal as taxi drivers surround me ask if I need transportation.  I wasn’t really pleased with the circumstances, which is why I’m curious to explore what exists beyond the Jorge Chavez International Airport.  Although appearing to be the same as any other international city, Lima bursts with culinary delight among undertones of history.  My family and I follow our tour to the edge of shoreline in Miraflores to the city’s Plaza de Armas and we uncover more than delicious sandwiches of La Lucha Sanguacheria as the struggle for South America’s independence becomes more apparent in the city of Lima. Continue Reading ›