Year of the Dog Inspiration

Chinese New Year is almost here, and even though I’m an adult,  I’m already having childhood memories of firecrackers, oranges, and red envelopes with special gifts inside. To celebrate last year, I shared some fashion inspiration that went along with traditional practices I have come to learn over the years. This year, I was even more excited for the Lunar New Year animal. Which Lunar New Year animal is featured in 2018? It’s one of my favorite animals: the dog. As it turns out, I’m not the only one who loves dogs. Searching online, I found home decor ideas and kitchen utensil sets from NOVICA, Ten Thousand Villages, and UncommonGoods. I was thrilled to find companies who love this four-legged furry creature as much as I do. Look below to see some home decor and kitchen treasures I uncovered featuring this animal for the 2018 Lunar New Year. Continue Reading ›

Plastic DIY Projects

With Plastic-Free July at an end, I’m beginning to see not only how much plastic use and waste is in our everyday lives, but also what I can do to reduce it. I’m finding there are more options for compostable materials including nailpolish bottles from Habit Cosmetics at HELPSY with bamboo lids in replace of plastic tops and bamboo single-use cutlery I found at World Market. These are only small steps, but definitely worth noting and being aware of for future use. What can we do about the plastic we currently do have? If it’s not an item that’s easily recyclable, is there something that can be done? Looking for answers, I did some digging on Pinterest, and found my answer in an abundance of DIY projects that turn plastic items into décor and storage. To see what I’ve found, take a look at the following links for some inspiration for your next DIY project: Continue Reading ›

Musical Muse At Home

Music lovers know Sunday is an important day, since the GRAMMYs marks the annual awards ceremony for quality music and musicians.  You may think music is something that only plays in the speakers of your car or the twang of a guitar played by your high school crush who exuded mystery and allure.  However, music is something you can enjoy year round, and not just for fun and pleasure.  If you’re truly a music buff, you’ll find a way to have it everywhere, including your own home.  How is this possible?  Just take a look at these home decor sets to see the endless possibilities for those who love all music from rock to classical to country. Continue Reading ›

Golden Globes at Home

If you’re a movie fan like me, you’re anxiously awaiting Sunday.  Maybe the glittering gowns and polished suits on the red carpet or the Golden Globes’ hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have you ready to watch.  Maybe you are eager to see your favorite stars win that special award and be well on their way to Oscar gold.  Whatever your reason may be for watching the Golden Globes, I’ve found a great way to celebrate on Passport Couture.  Follow me as I take you through my home decor for film enthusiasts, celebrity seekers, and gold lovers! Continue Reading ›

Home Sweet Home

Just about everyone will tell you that Christmas is their favorite holiday, everyone but me.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, and it’s often overlooked as stores stock their shelves with red, green, white, and gold before Halloween has even happened.  Snow, Christmas dinner, and the feeling of love and goodwill are in abundance, but so are crowded shopping malls and stores during Black Friday as shoppers anxiously search for the best deals.  Thanksgiving is a time for abundance as well, but is usually seen only as an opportunity to overeat and drink lots of wine.  Family stress sometimes makes it hard to see this holiday as a time of compromise, peace, and giving to one another, but it’s the time that the holiday spirit begins.  It’s a time to begin the gift of giving back and thinking of others, and with these home decor styles from Sustainable Fashion companies, you can feel that spirit throughout the year:

Table Setting

Table Setting by passportcouture

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