Exploring the Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Living the majority of my life in Utah and Colorado, I would never expect to find a blossoming garden nestled in the deserts and mountains.  Having recently visited the elaborate parks and gardens of the Pacific Northwest, I decide to explore the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah.  Expecting to find mostly desert plants, I’m pleasantly surprised to find this garden has its own unique character and style.  Want to see more of my discoveries?  Follow me as I retrace my steps along the pathway of the Thanksgiving Point Gardens: Continue Reading ›

Plenty In Portland

Rocks (L)It’s often a commonly accepted fact that friends move, relationships change, and people are on to new pursuits. Although this may be the case, visiting my friend, Caitlin, in her new residence of Portland, Oregon, I find we still have similarities that made us friends. Caitlin was often my partner-in-crime while living in Denver, Colorado, and while staying with her in Portland, I find we’re still a duo with a mission. This particular mission came about after visiting the Denver Aquarium for Otter Week. Around every corner, we expected to find countless otters swimming and jumping into the water. Unfortunately, we left with only two otter sightings. An aquarium employee later informed us Otter Week was about awareness and conservation, not about what Caitlin and I refer to as “a plethora of otters.” Since the employee could only offer coloring books, Caitlin and I left, disappointed, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. With a new destination to explore, Caitlin and I are determined to find a plethora in Portland. Would Portland disappoint us? Here’s exactly what we discovered: Continue Reading ›

Out and About in Victoria

Before any trip to a new destination, people will share numerous thoughts on a place. Learning I was going to visit Victoria, British Columbia, my dad eagerly told his memories of how much he loved the small city filled with British history. My mom told me all about the famed Butchart Gardens and the abundance of blossoming flowers. Looking at a map, I realized just how small Victoria is and wondered what it had to offer. It wasn’t until I got to Victoria that I saw even more than what others had told me. Continue Reading ›

Japan Among the Flowers

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, Nevada you’ll often hear it referred to as “Sin City” or “Lost Wages.”  Images of crowded casinos and bright lights on the Las Vegas Strip or the Bellagio fountains from “Ocean’s Eleven” probably come to mind.  However, if I mention Japan, you’d most likely think I’m crazy.  It may surprise you then, that beyond the outdoor fountains of Bellagio lies and indoor flower garden flourishing with holiday, culture, and destination themed displays.  With each season this famed hotel changes its display at the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and it won’t surprise you that I’m eager to see its latest display of Japanese Gardens.  If you don’t have money for a ticket to this Asian island, then come with me along the garden pathways of the Bellagio: Continue Reading ›

Balboa Park: Is it a Wedding or a Quinceanera?

One thing I always find interesting and very amusing about my work in the theatre is the tour groups who come into the costume shop and are instantly amazed and intrigued by the work space.  Having been lucky to work steadily in this business, I have worked in shops of all shapes and sizes; some are in emptied dressing rooms, others are in large rooms with nearly-state-of-the-art storage areas.  No matter what the size, every shop seems to make use of its space, often times finding any possibly empty corner to rearrange and stick a notions drawer in.  A sewing table with machines and someone peering down at pieces of brown paper on a table are all completely normal circumstances to me, so I do understand why it comes as a shock to people who are trapped in a cubicle or office 40 hours per week.  What has been unique for my work in San Diego is the fact that I get to spend time in a very eclectic and uncommon place: Balboa Park.

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