Where I Ate in Chicago

If there’s one thing I heard about before coming to visit Chicago, it was about the food.  Yes, wind and cold weather came up more than once, but Chicago was continually praised by others for its restaurant scene.  Before taking on this city in the Midwest, I had read all about pizza, hot dogs and plenty more, which made my anticipation even more urgent.  Armed with Lactaid for my lactose-intolerance and Prilosec for any accumulated heartburn, I descended upon the Chicago neighborhoods to take on a mix of Asian, baked goods and vegan restaurants that I recommend to any visitor or local of Chicago.  If you’re already salivating, read further to find out more about some of Chicago’s delicious culinary offerings at local restaurants and neighborhoods: Continue Reading ›

Flavors of Colorado

Most of the major and large events in Colorado pass by me relatively unnoticed.  Most of my co-workers and I complain about the possible traffic, anticipating major roads to be closed off that get us to work.  However, I’ve begun to take a different route and decide to check out A Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver’s Civic Center Park.  I’m determined to discover some new flavors and restaurants in Denver as well as see what local craft treasures I can uncover.  My friends Caitlin and Nicole join me, eager to experience what this huge festival covering the park and Capitol Building is all about.  Continue Reading ›

Is That Chicken?

My earliest memories of Chinese food are not those of a quick trip to Panda Express with a mall full of squealing kids and the sound of anxious footsteps.  Instead, I’m taken back to the smell of fried noodles, freshly steamed Char Siu Baos (buns with barbecued pork), the delicious aroma of garlic and chicken, and the salty savory sauce of Black Bean Spareribs.  Although I realize our trip to China will not be days of a three entrée plate of Kung Pao Chicken, Fried Rice, and Egg Rolls, I have a secret hope of plates filled with Bok Choy, Chinese Broccoli, Shumai, Tofu, Baos (dumplings) with coconut filling, and Egg Tarts.  Since the dishes of Northern China are very different from those of my Cantonese Popo, I embark on the following observations: Continue Reading ›