Dads and the Outdoors

In anticipation of my week off from school and work, I was looking forward to one thing: being completely alone. I couldn’t wait to finish craft projects, sort through my belongings, clear out my closet for donations, and go on adventures. While I was eager to go on my outdoor journeys solo, a walk along Cedar City’s Ann J. Gardner Canyon Park trail with my dad convinced me to invite him to join me in my excursions. Joining him for a fishing trip at Yankee Meadow and hiking Kanarraville Falls ended being more than what my dad refers to as “Father-Daughter bonding time.” While I’ve spent just as much time outside with my mom, I found these two outdoor opportunities left me with a few life lessons from my dad: Continue Reading ›

Father’s Day Around the World

When you think of Dad, a few things probably come to mind: sports, outdoors and maybe a science fiction or action flick.  In terms of my dad, I always think of baseball, fishing and watching old classic Hitchcock films, western movies or Twilight Zone episodes.  Everyone has a different take on the iconic man in their life who taught them to never throw in the towel, get up again when you are hurt and gave them great advice (even when they didn’t want to hear it).  As it turns out, Fathers are celebrated throughout the world in many different ways.  To see how others recognize their Dads, take a look at a few events from around the world. Continue Reading ›

Stuff My Dad Says

Pool (L)

Me and my dad enjoying the pool. Don’t you think I’m a cutie?

It’s a typical summer afternoon and my dad is up to his usual. The smell of hot fresh popcorn fills the kitchen as my dad sits in the adjoining family room on his favorite Lay-Z-Boy recliner watching the latest Los Angeles Dodgers game. Since my dad can’t be at Dodger Stadium, he’s recreated the scenario with popcorn, peanuts, pretzels, and a lime margarita. If I sit down to join him, he’ll pause the game he’s watching on Direct TV and explain the strategy. If there’s a home run or a RBI, he’ll rewind the game and tell me to watch the moment. And, if I miss the game and the final winning moment, he’ll show me the next day on the TV recording and from an online video, explaining his excitement. Although he has a lot to say about baseball, this sport isn’t the only thing he talks about. In fact, my dad says a lot of things I haven’t forgotten. Here are a few phrases he says that perfectly describe him: Continue Reading ›