10 Things To Do After Fashion Revolution Day

Now that millions have asked major fashion brands, “Who made my clothes?” and Fashion Revolution Day has passed, your next question might be, “Now what?” You’ve turned your clothes inside-out, you’ve tagged fashion companies in your Social Media posts, and you’re ready for what’s next. It may seem like a lot has been done for Fashion Revolution Day, but the work has only begun. So, what can you do to continue to advocate for change in the fashion industry? Consider a few of these steps to show your support for a more ethical and eco-conscious world: Continue Reading ›

Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Watch any award show, and the majority of the time you’ll hear the question asked: “Who are you wearing?”  And, when it comes to my work in theatre, it’s no exception to hear, “Who is the designer of those beautiful costumes?”  One question that seems to be absent from these is, “Who made these clothes?”  This question is rarely considered, but after the collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh on April 24, 2013, the treatment of those who work in garment factories became more evident and cause for concern.  Unfortunately, the fashion industry still employs questionable production methods, and there’s little thought behind the people are who make our clothing and the hardships they endure.  Am I saying we should feel guilt for having shopped at some of these popular fashion brands?  No, but I do believe fashion brands need to look into their supply chains to reveal and change the unethical practices in the fashion industry. Continue Reading ›