DIY Beauty Products

This month’s affirmation challenged me more than I anticipated. The issues surrounding palm oil and cruelty-free beauty products were much more complicated and with a limited budget, I wasn’t sure I could afford products by recommended companies. Until I have a more substantial paycheck, I decided the best bet was to make my own toiletries. I’ve done this before when attempting to make my own conditioner, but I found it only made my hair oily. Since then I was hesitant to give it another shot. However, I didn’t want to continue buying beauty products, so I did some more Pinterest and Google searches to find other recipes. Not all of these are 100% vegan, but making my own allowed me to have some say in the ingredients that go into my everyday toiletries. I’m going to continue to experiment, but so far, here are a few of my favorites. Continue Reading ›

Plastic DIY Projects

With Plastic-Free July at an end, I’m beginning to see not only how much plastic use and waste is in our everyday lives, but also what I can do to reduce it. I’m finding there are more options for compostable materials including nailpolish bottles from Habit Cosmetics at HELPSY with bamboo lids in replace of plastic tops and bamboo single-use cutlery I found at World Market. These are only small steps, but definitely worth noting and being aware of for future use. What can we do about the plastic we currently do have? If it’s not an item that’s easily recyclable, is there something that can be done? Looking for answers, I did some digging on Pinterest, and found my answer in an abundance of DIY projects that turn plastic items into décor and storage. To see what I’ve found, take a look at the following links for some inspiration for your next DIY project: Continue Reading ›

Christmas D.I.Y.: Homemade Batiks

If you’re looking for a way to channel that creative outlet this holiday season, then grab some paintbrushes and Elmer’s glue to begin creating some unique Christmas gifts!  Elmer’s glue?!?  Yes, with the glue you used in childhood to create holiday greetings with colored paper, sequins, and feathers, you can also use to make what’s known as the “Poor Man’s Batik” for a special Christmas gift.  Most batik instructions will tell you to use wax and special dyes, but as my Arvada Center co-workers and I discovered, the same effects can be created using everyday craft materials.  My first exploration into this method began when I re-created a National Geographic photo of a Fennec Fox that I absolutely adored and you can view HERE.

Fennec Fox (L)

After learning and enjoying this new technique, I began to use my own travel photos to create my batik scenes.  To learn how to create these on your own, take a look below. Continue Reading ›