Father’s Day Around the World

When you think of Dad, a few things probably come to mind: sports, outdoors and maybe a science fiction or action flick.  In terms of my dad, I always think of baseball, fishing and watching old classic Hitchcock films, western movies or Twilight Zone episodes.  Everyone has a different take on the iconic man in their life who taught them to never throw in the towel, get up again when you are hurt and gave them great advice (even when they didn’t want to hear it).  As it turns out, Fathers are celebrated throughout the world in many different ways.  To see how others recognize their Dads, take a look at a few events from around the world. Continue Reading ›

Cultural Appreciation vs. Cultural Appropriation

If there’s one thing I always strive for in my travels, observations of fashion and appreciation of art, it’s discovering and sharing the cultural meaning behind my experiences.  Cultural heritage, as you’ve seen from my previous blogs, is an important aspect of everything I have done in life.  Whether it’s my latest jewelry project, sewing endeavor or world adventure, I’m always seeking the story and meaning behind what I’m doing.  As I’ve been reshaping my blog and focusing more on culture, one concept came across my path that had me thinking about my past actions: cultural appropriation.  What exactly is cultural appropriation?  As it turns out, the question is incredibly difficult to answer.  The clearest definition I had gotten was from About.com: “. . . [C]ultural appropriation typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups.”  The definition got me thinking: Was my childhood involvement with local Native American groups at Pow-Wows cultural appropriation?  Have the craft projects I’ve featured on my blog been disrespectful to the cultures I gained the skills from?  When was I showing appreciation?  Or was it appropriation?  In order to gain some insights into how to decipher my future actions, here are a few questions I’ve found from other bloggers to help guide me and others when it comes to travel and fashion choices: Continue Reading ›

Mother’s Day Around the World

It’s that time of year to show that special someone just how much you honor them.  It’s Mother’s Day this weekend, and you’re probably wondering how you’ll show your mom how much you’re grateful for the times she fed you, gave you a shoulder to cry on and continually told you, “Everything’s going to be alright.  And if it’s not, I’m always here for you.”  Whether you’re celebrating with gifts of carnations or roses or cooking Mom breakfast in bed, today is a time to show Mom how much you care, and the rest of the world agrees.  To see how much everyone cares about Moms, take a look at how different parts of the world show their love. Continue Reading ›

Native American Heritage at the Natural History Museum of Utah

Like most elementary age children in the United States, I remember learning about my state’s history, main agriculture, state bird and numerous facts about how the state was established.  As I grew up, my memory changed when I made my way to Colorado and all that remained of my Utah knowledge was of beehives, seagulls and pioneers.  All of that changed when I paid a visit to the Natural History Museum of Utah, and began to relive the memories beyond those of my middle school classroom.  Walking outside of the popular and current Gecko exhibit, past the displays of gems and minerals and beyond the exhibits of Utah’s weather, one place in particular called my attention.  A gallery of Native American art, crafts and history welcomed me in and before I knew it I was taken back to my childhood where my dad had taken me to Pow-wows and numerous activities with local tribes in southern Utah.  Many times I had asked my dad, “What happened to the Native Americans after the settlers came in?  Where are they now?”  It’s a difficult question, but this section at the Natural History Museum of Utah gave me a few answers. Continue Reading ›

Valentine’s Day Around the World

Valentine’s Day is a time that gets two opposite reactions: Love or disgust. Although I enjoyed celebrating with packages of candies and Hello Kitty cards, not everyone shared my sentiments. I’d always hear, “Happy Singles Awareness Day!” or shouts of “Happy VD!” Whether you celebrate with chocolates covered in red and pink foil or groan and roll your eyes at this day, it’s still enjoyed throughout the world. As February 14th approaches, I’m taking time to enjoy and take a look at how other countries participate in the festivities of love and singlehood and perhaps inspire you to look at this day of love in a different light. Continue Reading ›