Friday Afternoon At Chicago Botanic Garden

With the Windy City living up to its name and the cool air settling in as fall approaches, I was beginning to think I wouldn’t be able to do much exploring. I thought this until I saw my mom on an impromptu trip to Denver and was relieved to accept my snow boots, red rain coat, and purple down jacket. Now that I can layer with leggings and multiple outwear options, I’m no longer afraid to take on the chilly weather, until I heard the wind wailing outside my bedroom window the night before I decided to head out on a long journey to Glencoe, Illinois and see the Chicago Botanic Garden. Although I debated, I told myself this may be my last chance before the snow hits, and luckily I didn’t listen to my doubts. Walking through the curvy pathways, I found this garden has its own delightful characteristics I’m glad the weather didn’t deter me from experiencing, even if gusts of wind did occasionally stop me for a moment. Continue Reading ›