A Spooky Season

Happy Halloween


Already the Christmas decor is on display at major retail stores; glittery stickers, Christmas tree decorations, and holly and ivy cover shelves and aisle displays.  Any signs of turkeys for Thanksgiving and pumpkins for Halloween are practically forgotten and tonight’s Halloween seems as though it will only be another excuse to party like crazy after the neighborhood kids have had their fun Trick-or-Treating.  Everyone seems to know about the “Christmas Spirit,” but “Halloween Spirit” is unrecognizable.  I, on the other hand, still enjoy having some reminiscent “Halloween Spirit” as I giggle thinking of Linus fainting in the pumpkin patch, shiver from anticipation of a Hitchcock thriller my dad would watch with us, and panic when I think of a collection of Edgar Allen Poe stories my friend sent to me as a present with a note, “I know you love these old dead guys.”  Speaking of dead guys, I could tell you a list of my favorite zombie movies and remember how an ex-boyfriend would point to metal fences and claim, “That’s where we should go when the zombies attack.”  I may not be Trick-or-Treating, but Halloween always creeps its way into my everyday life, including this collection of style sets: Continue Reading ›