The Truth About Dealing With Change

Change. Some love it. Some hate. Some thrive on it. Some avoid it entirely. Run away from it as much as you try, but change is inevitable. The fall weather is beginning to settle in Chicago, and although I’m not thrilled to see the sun and warm weather go away, change will happen. Nothing stays the same, which is one of the reasons I love fall. I’m excited to figure out layering (especially since I’m not tied to wearing only black) and I can’t wait to see what color and pattern combos are in store, but there’s more to fashion that excites me about fall. This season is one of my favorites because it’s not overwhelmingly hot or cold weather, and it’s a time about transitioning. I always found fall to be a pivotal time in my life, whether it’s a change of location, the beginning of new classes or activities, or the start of a new career. What makes this fall in particular so important? That I’m experiencing change in all of these areas. You might think this is exciting and applaud me for being courageous, but is changing a career, living in a new city, and on new adventures all it’s cracked up to be? Changing my life and city may sound glamorous, but here are a few things I’ve learned from the harsh realities of change: Continue Reading ›

5 Mistakes I Made in my Theatre Career

Jumping on the train marked Forest Park, I suddenly found myself completely surrounded by people holding onto suitcases and bags, anxiously awaiting their next stop. Digging into my purse for a set of handwritten instructions, I looked over them to determine when to switch to the Brown Line. Even though I had an hour until I reached my temporary residence in Chicago, being in a new city I didn’t want to make any mistakes and end up lost. The worries ran in my head, until I looked up at the crowded cart and thought, “I’ve ridden on public transportation in so many cities, who’s to say I couldn’t do this Chicago?” Immediately I was taken back to my very first internship in London as a costumer for a small company on the outskirts of the city. If I could manage Heathrow airport and the Tube, surely I could manage Chicago’s CTA Line, right? I wasn’t sure and as I embarked on a career change in a new city with uncertainty of what I’ll do after this internship in Chicago. I could only think, would I be able to shed the mistakes of my previous career? Or, would I continue to feel uncertain and never know where to go next? It may seem as though theatre has nothing to do with my latest pursuits in Marketing, Communications, and Development, but as I’m finding, there’s mistakes from my theatre past that I can learn from for the future, wherever my career goes. Here are a few lessons I’ve discovered after making mistakes in theatre: Continue Reading ›

Mapping Out My Life

It was another Monday morning as I typed ferociously and prepared myself for something I had been rebelling against. Waiting for the website to load, I hoped the faster I typed and copy-pasted my resume, the faster this process would go. For months I didn’t see the point of LinkedIn without a clear direction and polishing of my resume skills. Clicking on my location, I typed in my current Utah residency, but to my surprise LinkedIn wouldn’t accept my updates. Frustrated, I tried over and over again to make my changes only to be rejected. Like most computer and online programs, I was reassured by others that LinkedIn would be simple. “This is so easy to set-up,” people would explain. I was told this about Back-up Buddy, Google Analytics Plug-in for WordPress, and Facebook Publisher, all programs I recently struggled with, uncertain of why they failed to work. It seems I can’t figure anything out, and with people constantly asking what I’m doing next careerwise, I was hitting my head on another road block. When would I have my life figured out? When would I finally have my life together? Continue Reading ›