January 2016 Booklist

After completing my internship in Chicago and returning home to determine my next career path, one thing was certain. Looking around my bedroom and re-organizing any stray paperwork or rearranging my drawers after emptying my suitcases, I found I had an abundance of books. Reading more had been on my mind, especially after seeing numerous 2016 reading lists. Gathering all of my recent purchases from the used bookstore and adding books I had acquired over the years but not yet read, I was determined to do something about this abundant book collection. After all, I spend plenty of time reading blogs, articles, and other news items to comment on and share on social media, so why not take the time to read a book? Each month, I’ve decided to share a collection of fashion, travel, and personal memoirs to inspire my readers to enjoy life beyond the computer screen and journey to a new world. For this past month, here are the paperback delights I indulged in: Continue Reading ›

Nose In A Book

Title (L)Asking people about their childhood, many will remember playing in a sandbox or sitting in the swing set and soaring high into the air. Although I have great memories of this, one of my most favorite and strange memories is of opening a book and smelling it. Sounds weird, right? Realizing this didn’t stop me from opening every book and discovering that a new hardback smelled fresh and clean while an old, worn book shoved in the library’s shelves had the scent of being loved and read over and over again. Books were always my escape, my way of traveling to worlds I’d never seen and imagining what my life would be like as I ventured out into a brand new world. Lovers may come and go, but books have always been my true soul mate. To celebrate the joy they’ve brought to my life on UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day, here’s a few books that have inspired my passion for travel and fashion: Continue Reading ›

How to Travel When You Can’t Travel

Title (L)It’s another sunny day filled with delightful sounds of guitars and violins, elaborately painted masks, and cobblestone streets covered with pigeons.  You might assume I’m talking about Paris?  Or Rome?  Venice?  Ah, yes! Venice is correct, but I’m not actually there, unfortunately.  Instead I’m patiently waiting on an uncomfortable couch during Appoggiatura Tech Rehearsal listening for a possible cue to my theoretical costume change.  I’m sure anyone would prefer the warm climate of a historical romantic city or a tropical island to the cold backstage hallways, but my time requires me to be here.  Although I’ll have to suffice with an imaginative Venice, I’ve still found ways to travel, without actually being able to.  How exactly do I manage this?  Read more below to discover how. Continue Reading ›