Sustainable and Ethical Fashion for Winter

Now that the holidays have come and gone, winter weather has settled in with warnings of snow and wind. Bundling in layers of coats and scarves may not sound like the most fashionable outfit, but as winter days continue, I’m finding there are plenty of ways to still have style with winter fashion. Whether I’m planning an outfit to see friends or pursuing work opportunities, I’m finding inspiration from all kinds of sources from fashion bloggers to Pinterest. But before you take a look at my winter creations, here’s a quick reminder of my guidelines to incorporate sustainable and ethical fashion principles in my outfits:

  • Using items already in my wardrobe instead of purchasing.
  • Purchase new only from sustainable and ethical companies.
  • Purchase from second-hand shops.
  • Make items for my wardrobe.
  • Mend and repair items, instead of throwing them out.
  • Re-purpose wardrobe items into another piece of clothing or other item.

With each purchase I’ll also list prices and companies so you know where you can shop and how affordable it can be. If I make something, I’ll also indicate where I plan on using leftover scraps so you can see that each piece of fabric is used. Last but not least, if I have something already from my wardrobe, I’ll share how many years I’ve had it so you can see how timeless, classic pieces have longevity and can enhance your wardrobe. Even if I don’t use all of these principles in my post, I’ll have them handy for future outfits so you can see how to do the same with your wardrobe. Now that you have a quick reference to my guidelines, let’s begin!

Outfit 1

Sweater Dress (L)

Sweater Dress 3 (L)

Sweater Dress 2 (L) It’s a shame that I have two great sweater dresses with my favorite neckline that I haven’t worn much at all. That’s why I was more than thrilled to pull out this burgundy sweater dress and combine it with my favorite pair of tights with a small hearts pattern. Layered with a grey cardigan, I’m looking forward to wearing a great outfit for a future day at the office.

From My Closet: Sweater Dress (Take Out), Years I’ve Owned: 3; Grey Cardigan (Ann Taylor), Years I’ve Owned: 3; Shoes (Naturalizer), Years I’ve Owned: 4; Necklace (Banana Republic), Years I’ve Owned: 8; Earrings, Years I’ve Owned: 4.

Give-Away from My Sister: Tights (Look), Years I’ve Owned: 3.

Outfit 2

Blazer (L)

Blazer 2 (L)

Boots (L)

My favorite pieces in this look are the plaid blazer I purchased several years ago from Victoria’s Secret and the boots a former co-worker swapped with me. I haven’t had tons of opportunities to wear the boots, but after reading various fashion blogs I see winter is the best time to pull them out of my closet! With a top I’ve worn in a previous post for backstage outfits and skinny jeans, I’m ready for a night out with friends.

From My Closet: Plaid Blazer (Victoria’s Secret), Years I’ve Owned: 9; Black Top (H&M), Years I’ve Owned: 8; Jeans (Levi’s), Years I’ve Owned: 4; Necklace and Earrings, Years I’ve Owned: 4.

Give-Away from a Co-Worker: Boots, Years I’ve Owned: 2.

Outfit 3

Jacket 2 (L)

Jacket 3 (L)

Jacket (L)

Heels (L)

Even though it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck wearing dark clothing! This recently gifted scarf from Passion Lilie inspired me to pull out some lighter clothing and accessories to come up with a different style of winter outfit. The unique print of this scarf compliments the embroidery of this white jacket from Doki-Geki, a piece I chose to feature in my 30 x 30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. Who’s ready for brunch?

From My Closet: Brown Camisole (Banana Republic), Years I’ve Owned: 8; White Embroidered Jacket (Doki-Geki), Years I’ve Owned: 9; Corduroy Pants (Eddie Bauer), Years I’ve Owned: 2; Brown Heels, Years I’ve Owned: 9; Earrings, Years I’ve Owned: 4.

Gift from Christmas: Scarf (Passion Lilie).

From this set of outfits, I’ve found what makes a great outfit is what others tend to give away. Rather than think of an accessory or clothing item as something that’s been tossed out by someone else, I hope you can see the potential and value it might have in your closet. I hope we can all appreciate and share the excitement of giving a previously worn clothing piece or accessory a new life just as much as we do buying a new jacket or hand block printed scarf. Finding value in the old can be just as rewarding as loving what’s brand new.

What item do you love that you’ve swapped or exchanged with friends? What have been your favorite hand-me-downs?

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  1. Agatha

    My favourite hand me down has to be my mom’s lace cardigan. I didn’t like it initially but then I sewed on some batik print and it’s been with me for 3 years. I have never grown tired of it, and it looks good with jeans or at work!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      That sounds adorable! I loved reading how you upcycled the cardigan, it looks fantastic and I see why you’ve worn it over and over again.

  2. Ashley

    Those boots are so cute. I like the buttons of them!

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks Ashley! I always end up loving boots with buttons on the side.

  3. Kileen

    Loving that second outfit with the blazer the most! So chic!

    cute & little

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks Kileen! It’s a great blazer and I’m so happy the weather is cooler so I can wear it more often.

  4. Great style! I love your timeless and chic looks! I prefer keeping my closet lean and transparent and have classic and versatile pieces.

  5. Ramona

    Wow, you look gorgeous in all those outfits!

  6. A Well Styled Life

    Thise boots are adorable! You look terrific. Thanks for joining us on My Refined Style.
    xo Jennifer

  7. shbowdoin

    Cute outfits. I also keep classic pieces for a long time and it’s always fun to repurpose a garment into something else. Thanks for lending your flair to the My Refined Style Linkup. See you again next month!


    • brooklyntvlasich

      It was great to be a part of the link-up. Looking forward to next time!

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