Super Bowl Style

The weekend is quickly approaching, so that means it’s time for what every NFL fan has been eagerly awaiting: Super Bowl Sunday.  Although baseball is the only sport I’ve been knowledgeable and enthusiastic about, I can’t avoid football in a town like Denver.  In a city where football tickets are passed down from generation to generation, I’m hard-pressed to find a TV not featuring a game whether I’m at a bar, restaurant, or in the Wardrobe Room at work.  Stage Managers, crew members, and actors eagerly discuss the possibilities, and during intermission cheering and yelling ensue before another act of the show begins.  Since I can’t find a way to not join in on the excitement, I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm with the phrase, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” with these style sets.  Who will you be rooting for?



Will the Seattle Seahawks be your team of choice?  Then enjoy this casual outfit with a team tank top and beige pants from JUJUBE Ecological Apparel Design, who uses 100% eco-certified biodegradable textiles.  When the weather warms up, stroll along with navy boots from Fortress of Inca, an organization who practices fair labor and wages while preserving traditional Peruvian weaving techniques.  Bracelets from Faire Collection and Mata Traders will keep you stylish and support the work of artisans from India, Peru, Ecuador, Vietnam, and Swaziland.  If it’s an unusual sunny day this time of year, like it has been in Denver, then keep the sun off your face with a paja toquilla hat from Run by Rural, a company who values craftsmanship from artisans in Peru, and further accessorize with a straw purse from Mar Y Sol who sources from artisans in Madagascar.  Is this not an appropriate winter outfit?  No worries.  You can save it for summer since team support lasts throughout the year.


New England Patriots


Want to show your team support at work?  Then take a few pointers from this outfit for the New England Patriots.  Take any ordinary jersey and dress it up with a jacket from PeopleTree, a U.K.-based company who has partnered with artisans for over twenty years, and pants from Maiyet, a luxury sustainable fashion brand.  Add some nautical blue, silver, and red with more accessories from Mata Traders and Faire Collection.  What’s even better about having accessories from Faire Collection?  Amanda Judge, CEO of Faire Collection, was just awarded by The Story Exchange for being awarded one of “10 Young Women to Watch.”  Keep your outfit suitable for work with a red purse from Fashion Compassion and blue and white striped heels from Fortress of Inca.  Everyone at work will marvel at how you’ve maintained a fashionable outfit with a sports jersey supporting your favorite team.



Unfortunately for my local team, the Denver Broncos, no Super Bowl appearance will be happening.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop showing your support after a loss (Cubs‘ fans haven’t given up in over a hundred years).  If the weather remains warm after Saturday’s predicted snow, you might chose to have brunch with friends at Snooze, DJ Berkley’s Cafe, or Jelly.  Wearing an orange top from Maiyet paired with a white 100% organic cotton hand-sewn skirt from Alabama Chanin and earrings from Global Goods Partners will be the perfect combination for a morning out.  With a cardigan from Braintree Clothing, a company who uses eco-friendly and organic fibers, and shoes from Po-Zu, a company who also uses natural and organic materials, you’re ready for a casual weekend.  If you’re like me, when you get home you’ll want to swap your skirt for PJ bottoms and warm slippers from PeopleTree for a comfortable evening in while watching the game, even if your team isn’t playing.

As for me, I have no particular choice of team, but I’ll be enjoying the game even though my knowledge of the game is limited.  My experience of football is usually limited to Charlie Brown attempting to kick a football Lucy pulls away just in time.  Although I recall cheering in the rain and returning home soaked after a high school football game against my high school’s rivals, my enthusiasm has faded.  When it comes to fashion, however, it never fades.  Football can be fashionable anytime of the year, even if you didn’t think it was possible.  That’s why when it comes to the Super Bowl, I’ve found a way to join in on the excitement.



  1. Madame Ostrich

    Hi! I just discovered your blog through IFB 🙂

    Seahawks all the way! I went to college in Seattle, and LA doesn’t have a football team!

    I love how you chose to incorporate ethical pieces into your outfit picks. It’s so important to be mindful of the pieces we put on us… just as we’re mindful about the jerseys we wear!


    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thank you Christine! I’m eager to become a new member of IFB, so I’m delighted you found me there.

      I have a few family members in Seattle, so I’m leaning more that way than New England Patriots. I’m glad you enjoyed the ethical fashion pieces, it’s a movement I’m becoming a part of after my involvement with Run by Rural ( this past summer. I’ve been using ethical fashion companies in my style inspirations more frequently, which is challenging, but also fun.

      Thank you for dropping by! I’ll be taking a look at your blog soon!

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