Springing Into Pantone 2015

Today is a day most celebrate, ready to welcome warm weather and the rebirth that the first day of Spring brings with it.  But this isn’t just a day about the weather, it’s about welcoming the latest Spring Pantone colors for 2015 I found on Polyvore.  Fashionistas will no doubt know the meaning of this, but some will see it as a frivolous, fleeting thought.  After all, how much thought do you put into purchasing the latest colors of the season?  Having taken Graphic Design classes, I’ve enjoyed digging into the Pantone encyclopedia of colors with everything from Mustard Yellow to Lavender to Aquamarine.  What is so intriguing about colors?  Why should I care about them so much?  I have many questions to answer about Spring and Summer plans, so why could I be bothered by colors? Like the winter storms that have been raging in the East and ones that will be developing in the South, my mind has the same onset of excitement and uncertainty.  Searching through my cording to find the perfect match to the Pantone sets, I’m left with wonder and confusion of my chosen path of creativity.

Blues (L)Looking at the colorful blues, ranging from Aquamarine to Classic Blue, it seems I’ve decided to ignore the questions nagging at me regarding my next adventure.  Why not continue to be lost in a sea of Lucite Green and Scuba Blue?  Why face reality when I could dream about the possibilities of diving into the sea of the Great Barrier Reef or imagine the California coast when I see the beach sand color Toasted Almond?  Matching the square turquoise beads with the Scuba Blue reminds me of Ornamental Beads in my Denver neighborhood, a state of mountains and desert once inhabited by the indigenous Native Americans.  Finding a turquoise skull from the local store, Boston Bead Company in Cambridge, reminds me of America’s beginnings as I recall the narrow streets and brick homes.  Is America where my heart lies?  Is this where I should stay for my Summer adventures?

Pink and Orange (L)Rather than dwell in a sea of uncertain blues, I move onto my next set of jewelry pieces full of warmer variations of pinks and yellows.  A Custard-colored pair of earrings calms my fears after a tumultuous ocean of blues.  I begin to see something, but I’m not sure what that is.  How can I pursue anything without a specific destination?  Working on a Tangerine bracelet, its bright hue allows me do anything but think.  I imagine a bright sunset like the one off the shore of Sunset Cliffs in California or the sand dunes of Sechura, Peru, and it seems as though the open world is no longer a burden.  Peering down at Strawberry Ice I’ve tied into Blossom and Button Knots, my optimism returns.  Is this because of a possible psychological effect of pink?  Maybe, but the pink makes me think my head is becoming less a ruler in my decision-making and my heart is starting to call the shots.

Marsala and Grey (L)Approaching my final sets with Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, the deep red brings me back to Boston as I use beads from Boston Bead Company.  Purchasing these beads nearly three years ago while waiting to meet my godmother at Harvard University campus, I could hardly wait to use them.  This is now necessary with Marsala declared as the color of year, to many people’s dismay.  Many disappointed comments filled the internet after its announcement, but I found myself still drawn to it.  What was everyone seeing that I had not noticed?  Was there something I was missing?  If I saw the world another way, would I come to my answers sooner?  Braiding the strands of a Glacier Grey bracelet, my thoughts were clouded with doubt.  Maybe I’ll never figure it out.  Returning to Marsala, it’s deep red surges like the deep red blood in my veins and gets me thinking.  Why do I have to listen to others?  Isn’t life about figuring it out?  Perhaps it’s time to shut out others’ opinions.  Only I can know where to go next, even if I am told otherwise.  My destination is unknown, but it will be colorful and full of adventure.  Marsala may be a debatable color of the year, but to me it is more than a color.  It is more than a frivolous, fleeting thought.  It is the blood in my veins that reaches my heart to guide me along my next journey.


  1. Caitlin

    love the earrings!

  2. These pictures of jewelry are absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the aqua beaded necklace in the second picture as well as the earrings. Such beautiful pieces!

    • brooklyntvlasich

      Thanks! I’m deciding where I might sell some of these pieces. I love creating them and I’m excited to hear that other people enjoy them!

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