Spread Your Wings: Knotted Edition

You might think a visit to the Butterfly Pavilions would not be an inspiration for more artistic projects, but my desire to dig into the ordinary presents a larger view.  Flipping through Chinese Knotting: Creative Designs That Are Easy and Fun! there is great potential for my latest Colorado exploration.  Sifting through cording and colorful pendants, I find butterflies everywhere.  Here’s a few creations from my current collection:

Peach and Ivory Butterfly Set

Although I’m not a huge fan of the color pink, I love this combination of peach and ivory.  The Butterfly Knot is a beautiful combination of the Pan Chang and Coin Knot, but it is incredibly difficult.  I found myself practicing and untying several times before my fingers were able to comprehend the movement.  The Butterfly Knot can be tied with two colors of cording or with the same piece of cording, both produce beautiful results.  It’s well-worth the effort, but I don’t recommend it to beginners!

Peach Necklace copy

This was another peach necklace that presented its own challenges.  The butterfly pendant, not quite pastel or transparent, not quite earth tone, I found difficult to match with cording colors.  As a colleague pointed out, the best match was not to use matching cording, but something similar and a hint of contrast to make the pendant pop.  Rather than use a complicated knot, I opted for the Zig Zag braid from 75 Chinese, Celtic and Ornamental Knots to be the best compliment to this pendant.  Simple, yet elegant.

Pendant Necklace Set

And, for the finale, I used a blue Monarch pendant and blue complimented with blue and gold floral Chinese decorated beads.  I found the end result of pure blue and gold cording to be a gorgeous combination and made a few set of matching earrings for part of the product.  I found using Button and Coin Knots to be a fun experiment to create earrings.  Overall, I great use of jewelry supplies and a fun addition to my Butterfly Pavilions excursion.

For a quick look at all of my jewelry designs, check out the gallery below:



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