Snowed In at Ashland

Today was less than eventful since Ashland was hit with snow this morning. I was stuck in my apartment the entire day . . . which is not necessarily a bad thing because I really needed to clean it. I did feel a little bummed that I had to drink tea instead of a nice cup of hot chocolate. It finally stopped around 6:00, but I don’t plan on venturing out tonight. I’m sure it’s freezing out there!

Yesterday was a long day. Everyone in the shop seemed to be exhausted and ready to go out to enjoy the weekend. I was stuck on one last project and wanted to finish it. It was something relatively simple and I felt bad that I couldn’t get it done sooner. I guess I was lagging behind and ready to go home and relax. The evening began when I went to hang out with some girls from work. We went to the Hong Kong Bar, a local place most people go to on the weekends. Apparently most of the actors like to hang out at Martino’s after the show and there’s also Tabu (which is starting salsa dancing on Saturday evenings–watch out everyone, I might be forced to “cut the rug”). Anyways, we ran into other people from Oregon Shakespeare Festival. I had a good time overall and hope to see people again.

To give some of you an idea of what the snow was like today, here’s a picture. Hope it is warm wherever you may be.

Snow in Ashland, Oregon

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