Sewing Tips for Repairing Clothes

When I tell people I used to sew for a living, I get two different reactions: “That’s such a great talent. I couldn’t even sew on a button” or “You must sew for yourself all the time!” In past blogs, I’ve addressed these common attitudes in posts about my former career in costuming and showed why those who make our clothes deserve more respect. I’ve even shared some common sewing terms to amuse people and show them that sewing isn’t a strange concept. What’s missing from all of this is some simple tips you can learn to repair your own clothing. So, before you think about tossing out a clothing item that has a missing button or a torn hem, consider a few of these simple sewing techniques you can learn to keep your clothing.

Sewing Kit Essentials

Before you get started, you’ll want to get sewing items together. As Style Novice mentions, you don’t necessarily need to have a sewing machine to sew. This kit does a great job of showing the basics you need in order to hand sew, and will be essential if you decide to continue to machine sewing.

Threading a Needle

First things first. Before you do any sewing, you need to understand how to thread a needle. It sounds basic, but it can be an intimidating first step for anyone. This video from MADE Everyday shows how simple it is to thread a needle and tie a knot.

Sewing a Button

Hand sewing on a button is nowhere as difficult as you might think. If you have the dexterity to play video games, type on a computer, or text on your phone, you can sew a button. To show you how this can be done in 10 steps, check out this Howcast video:

Repairing a Tear

Got a tear? Whether you decide to hand sew or if you feel comfortable at a machine, there are many options to help you repair your clothing. Two videos below from Cinderella Sew and Easy Sewing for Beginners will walk you through the steps for both processes.


Although this takes a little more practice and time, learning how to hem your pants is a great skill to have if you don’t have a tailor or can’t afford one. Plus, once you give it a shot and keep hemming, you’ll see you don’t need someone to hem for you. You can complete this by machine, if you feel comfortable, but this video from Easy Sewing for Beginners shows you step-by-step how to hem with a needle, thread, measurement tool, and iron.

While there are many other sewing techniques out there to assist you, I chose these since they are basic and everyday situations that I frequently encounter. If you feel more comfortable, you can start on machine sewing, but if not, having these few tips for hand sewing under your belt will be a great to help you.

Cover Photo Image: Pixabay

If you sew, what techniques to you recommend? What sewing techniques have helped you with your clothing?

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