September 2017 Affirmations

Summer has come and gone, always too quick. I was grateful to have time to finish up some sewing projects and look forward to continuing cleaning out my craft clutter. So far, I’ve donated a lot of craft items to my workplace and I’m excited to see how it can be of use to them in educational projects. Knowing most of my craft projects are complete helps everything feel a little more manageable and relieving. And, constantly going through my belongings helps limit and reduce what I own. It’s freeing, but this month I’m taking on more when it comes to organizing and decluttering.

After learning about a book from Ecocult, The 100 Thing Challenge, I decided it was too good to pass up. This book caught my attention and had me wondering what I could do to reduce what I own. That’s why this month, I’m upholding this affirmation: I am a person who reduces what they own and purchase by taking on the 100 Thing Challenge. Since I’ve just started the book, I’m curious to see how everything will turn out. I’m also eager to see how it can help me cut my connection with consumerism and see if I can use some apps to manage my clutter. Along the way, I’ll be sharing inventories of specific areas (i.e. my wardrobe, craft area, bookshelves, etc.) and what I’ve done to cut back on what I own. I also want to use the time to dig a little deeper into why we own so much stuff and why there is a strong connection between us and what we own.

Cover photo credit: Pixabay

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