Searching in Snow Canyon State Park

It’s hard to believe it’s May and it’s almost been a month since my visit to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico. As you can imagine, I’m ready for my next adventure, but have accumulated many different ideas and possibilities on my plate. Even though I haven’t planned to go anywhere recently, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a tourist in my own town. My mom gets the inclination to be adventurous and senses my restless spirit by suggesting we head to Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, Utah for a hike. It seems we’re both eager for adventure and ready to embark on an afternoon with the outdoors.

Cactus Flower in Snow Canyon State ParkFrom my mom’s extensive research, we decide to hike the Butterfly Trail, reviewed for its stunning views and outlooks, and the trail lives up to its name. Utah definitely has a vast amount of beauty and wonder with cascading orange rocks and lava rocks towering above with scattered amounts of green desert bushes and cacti. Many suggestions online show pictures of Arizona and Antelope Canyon for a desert escape, but Utah has more seclusion and anonymity. Although I’ve outgrown Utah, I haven’t grown out of enjoying its incredible scenery that lets my mind continuously wander among the mountain sides that blend into the highway.

Rippled Rocks in Snow Canyon State ParkFinding ourselves at the end of the trail, we can either continue on the path to the Lava Tubes or turn around. Uncertain of where to go, we look up to see a large rock formation and decide to climb up and see what the overlook has to offer. As it turns out, the path to the top isn’t as straight-forward or specific as it seems as we guess at which rock to step on to reach the overlook. It’s not as scary as Angel’s Landing, but I keep looking up, determined to not let my fear of heights get the best of me. After reaching the top and taking some cleverly arranged photos, we take a moment to sit and look around. Peering around, I begin to think there is some truth to trekking on an undefined, unconventional path to get somewhere. It may not be easy and at times you want to give up, but despite my frustrations I seem to thrive on what isn’t ordinary.

Looking Out at Snow Canyon State ParkI never had a fascination with Utah’s scenery, until I left. After reading Terry Tempest William’s essay “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women” in a writing class, I was taken back to the desert plants and weeds, the unusual mix of lush green mountain and dry cracked desert, and the cold crisp air. I could recall the dried brush and howling winds that would lash against my house. Maybe it wasn’t where I would call home, but it was where I came from. Looking around the vast landscape of Snow Canyon, I began to realize that where I’ve started doesn’t determine where I will go. This is just a beginning of a new, strange, and unique journey.

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  1. Jessica Cangiano

    What awe inspiringly beautiful images. The warm, soothing sunlight and perfect terracotta hues are simply breathtaking!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. bettyl - NZ

    What a great taste of this area! The red soil is gorgeous with the designs in them. Amazing scenes.

    • brooklyntvlasich

      You’re absolutely right, there’s nothing quite like the red rock deserts in Utah! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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